Books mentioned by Herle

Cecil, William, The Execution of Justice in England (London, 1583) Harleian Miscellany, vol. 2 (London: J. White, J. Murray & J. Harding, 1809) [transcript]

- , D'executie van iustitie (Middelburgh: R. Schilders, 1584) [transcript]

- , Justitia Britannica, Per quam liquet perspicue &c. (London: T. Vautrollier, 1584) [transcript]

- , L'execution de iustice faict en Angleterre, Traduite en langue Françoise (London: Thomas Vautroullier, 1584) [transcript]

- , Atto della Giustitia d'Inghilterra, esseguito, per la conservatione della commune & christiana pace, &c. (Londra: G. Wolfio, 1584) [transcript]

Guicciardini, Lodovico, Descriptione de Touts les Pais-bas (Antwerp: Christopher Plantin, 1582) [transcript] [transcript]

La Ioyeuse & Magnifique Entreé de Monseigneur Françoys, Fils de France &c. (Antwerp: Christopher Plantin, 1582) [transcript] [transcript] [transcript] [transcript] [transcript]

Leslie, John, De Titulo et jure ... Mariae Scotorum Reginae &c. (Rheims: J. Fognaeus, 1580) [transcript 262]

Martin, Gregory, A Treatise of Schisme (London: William Carter, 1578) [transcript]

Froumenteau, Nicholas, Le Secret des Finances de France &c. (Paris?: 1581) [transcript]

Stanihurst, Richard, The first fore bookes of Virgil his Aeneis translated into English heroical verse (Leiden: Jan Paedts, 1582) [transcript]

Whitaker, William, Responsionis ad decem illas Rationes, quibus fretus E. Campianus certamen Ecclesiae Anglincanae ministris &c. (London: Henry Middleton, 1583) [transcript]

Bibliography of printed Herle letters

Bossy, John, Giordano Bruno and the Embassy Affair (New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 2002)

Lettenhove, Baron Kervyn de, Relations politiques de Pays-Bas et de l'Angleterre sous le Regne de Phillipe II (Brussels: Royal Academy of Sciences, Letters and Fine Art of Belgium, 1891)

Murdin, William, A Collection of State Papers relating to Affairs in the reign of Queen Elizabeth from the year 1571 to 1596 (London: William Bowyer, 1759)

Nicholas, Sir Harris, The Memoirs of the Life and Times of Sir Christopher Hatton (London: R Bentley, 1847)

Reference works

Blakeway, J. B., The Sheriffs of Shropshire, with their Armorial Bearings; and notices, Genealogical and Biographical, of their families (Shrewsbury: William & John Eddowes, 1831)

British Library Manuscripts catalogue

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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

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Studies which mention Herle

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