You are currently viewing 'Edition 2' of this project, published March 2006. (The previous edition was Edition 1, which was published in December 2005.) The title of the edition is The Letters of William Herle, the editor is Robyn Adams and it is hosted by the AHRC Centre for Editing Lives and Letters. For further information on how to cite electronic editions see the handbooks of the MLA and the MHRA.

Every individual transcript in this edition has its own unique reference code, or 'Transcript ID', that includes a version number. This guarantees transcripts can be cited with confidence and users should include the Transcript ID in all citations. If the site is restructured or the url changes, the Transcript ID will endure. If any modifications are made to the source XML (resulting in changes to the transcript), the transcript's version number will be updated. This method enables transparency and allows users to keep track of changes and distinguish between different versions. If multiple outputs are generated from the source XML (in different formats or conforming to alternative transcription policies), each of these will be assigned its own id. Each Transcript ID consists of the following elements: (i.) the CELL code for the Herle project, 'HRL', (ii.) a transcript version number, currently '002' as this is Edition 2, (iii.) a code to indicate the type of output, 'HTML' or 'PDF', (iv.) the unique id for the individual document, such as '099'. Each Transcript ID therefore follows the pattern HRL/002/HTML/099.

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