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The letters of William Herle, intelligencer and diplomat for the Elizabethan court, offer a unique resource for Early Modern studies. Written over the period 1559-88, Herle's previously unedited, unpublished and overlooked letters are richly textured. They offer a fascinating insight into the information networks and patronage systems of the political administration, as well as valuable material for religious, social, economic and cultural history. This edition has been designed as a hypertext archive in order to maximise the ability to access and retrieve information from the corpus.

This is 'Edition 2' of the Letters of William Herle Project (released March 2006). It provides transcripts of 302 of Herle's letters written in English and a series of indexes by which they can be browsed - by archival location, date, author, recipient, first line or place from - as well as lists of multiple copies and letters with enclosures. A word-search facility allows the letter transcripts to be searched for particular words or phrases according to a range of criteria. Sample images illustrate features of the material nature of these letters. There are also editorial materials that include an introduction, biographical register, bibliography and details of the project's editorial policy. The editor of The Letters of William Herle is Dr Robyn Adams. The project is directed by Dr Alison Wiggins.

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