CELL sealThe Centre for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL) develops projects focused on making archives matter, concentrating on the years 1500 to 1800. The MA in Editing Lives and Letters reflects CELL’s ethos, marrying traditional archival skills with cutting edge technology. Located at University College London (UCL), CELL consists of graduate and doctoral students, researchers, teachers and writers.


FacebookTwitterPinterestGithubCELL has a busy social media presence, participating in scholarly conversations across the globe with our academic colleagues and the wider public. Our Facebook page publishes links to developments, news and items of interest at CELL, while our Twitter stream tracks the daily movements of the CELL team, as well as picking up and passing on links and photos rather more informally. On our Pinterest site you will find images and links to objects and material which we like. Finally, we regularly add to the project data available for download from our Github page.