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Hooke Folio Online

The Hooke Folio (detail)

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This project is an edition of the images and transcriptions of a long lost manuscript of the papers of Robert Hooke, returned to the archive of the Royal Society in May 2006 - a story described in The Return of the Hooke Folio [PDF]. CELL Director Prof Lisa Jardine played a significant role in the recovery of the folio, which she described as 'an absolute treasure trove of new information about the day to day activities of the early scientific establishment'.

Under the guidance of Dr Robyn Adams the entire manuscript has been transcribed by Dr Jenni Thomas and Dr Anna Winterbottom. The transcriptions have been encoded in XML using the CELL standard for manuscript transcription and the Transcriber's Workbench software developed by Mind Magic Ltd. The online interface was developed by Jan Broadway using PHP, MySQL and Javascript.