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Samantha Brown

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Sam is a PhD student at CELL, where her research investigates knowledge of the Arabic language in England pre-1635 through evidence of ownership and use in printed texts and manuscripts. In 2022 she joined Book Owners Online ( as a research assistant, where she is responsible for inputting new entries for early modern book owners, as well as liaising with contributors to and users of the website. She is also a co-founder of Miscellany (, an international research network for postgraduate and ECR early modernists interested in book history, which was established to create an online community at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sam originally studied Arabic and Islamic Studies at SOAS and embarked on a career in television, which saw her researching and producing documentaries for the BBC and other major broadcasters for nearly a decade. In 2018 she returned to academia to pursue her love of history, and UCL’s MA in Early Modern Studies introduced her to the world of manuscripts, archives and early printed books.