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meanes of 2 buckets was tryed in Little and succeeded. whereupon mr Hooke
was orderd to gett a module made against the next Day of the Bagg that is to be about
the body of the Diuer for continuall Inspiration which bagg being Emptied he is to
Repair into the Bell as to a magazine for a new supply of air to fill the bag
wth. for seeing vnder water mr. Hooke proposed a pair of Deep conuex spectacles
[Rochford account of Diuing. conj. (wallis to heuelius about in . Horroxes papers]
Zulichem querys about tubes for stand aboue station] about anatomy.] crone of anatom
Ball discharged treasurer) Iamaica Dye wood) extract of statutes about manufactures)
mr Hooke was orderd to prepare against next meeting 3 vessell 1 wth common air
another with exhausted air to a certaine Degree and a 3d wth. Compressed air to the
like proportion & to try in them some animalls to see how long they will
Liue in such vessells. The same was putt in mind of trying the seueralls
strengths of wood. where mr. Boyle suggested that in the tryall notice might be taken
of the time when the wood was cutt.
Feb: 24. 1663/4. meeting adjourned because of anatomy.
march. 2d. 1663/4. The expt. wth Birds put in comon rarifyd & compressed air being
made againe & found that the Bird in the comon air was well that in the rarifyd
panting and that in the compressed air Dead. the Last was opend but noe water
found wthin, which since some of the company thought an argument of the Birds
being drowned, It was ordered the Expt. wth the Bird in the compressing Engine should be
tryd the 3d time putting the bird in a Little cage at the next meeting.
mr. Hooke produced his Bellows to be vsed vnder the water for taking air, but
proposed wthall another way conceiued by him better & safer then that wth bellows
vizt wth two cylinders open at one end and hauing two pipes by which the
air is taken out of the one & putt into the other. orderd that two such cylinders
be made & when Ready a waterman hired to try the expt.
(About the Last dissiction. Prince Ruperts way of making shot. Dr. Pell hinted that the suns
meridian altitude might be obserued the 10 & 11 of this months. Vleg Beg to be translated].
March. 9. (Dogs spleen cut out) the expt. of shutting vp a bird in condensd air was
tryd againe wth this successe,that the air being compressed to half the space & double
the quantity of air being forced into the cauity of the Engine the Bird seemd to be pretty
well in it hauing continued in it therein from twelue of the clock till about 4 in the
afternoon of that. Orderd that the tryall be repeated by compressing the air as farr
as safely can be done to a treble: quadruple: with the bird in it.
[about diuing vnder /a bell/ to 24. 25. 26 fathoms depth. at the depth of 24. fathoms fall into a sound
wth. bleed at nose ears & eyes. &c.] mr. Hooke produced his Leaden boxes for
furnishing of air by a couple of pipes whilst the Diuer comes out of a bell or
tub, & walks vp & down working. which air being spent the Diuer returnes againe
to the Bell or tub for a fresh supply. Orderd that the expt. be made vnder
water wth. those boxes. & that mr. Euelyn enquire after the Diuer about Deptford
for this purpose. [Lupus marinus. loadstones. pepper dust good for preseruing animalls
forrein animall to be procured. all the naturall Raritys of England first to be collected.
[/by playing at tennis/ his majesty weighing lighter 2ll. 3. restored by drinking 2 draughts after playing
cat & Rabbit monster. monster child. Vleg begs translate sent to Heuelius. sceme of a comet
seen at Gratz 2d of Ian. 1663. seen also /in/ seuerall other places.
march. 16. [Hugens Letter about extraordinary suspension] mr. Hook gaue an account of the
Expt. at the Last meeting wherein the air hauing been comprest to half the Roome the Bird
inclosed in the vessell for about the space of 10 howres, was at the end of that time taken
out very liuely and continued soe till next morning but then began to sicken &
Dyed towards euening. orderd that this Expt. be Repeated the next Day to a greater
Degree of compression. Orderd also that seuerall kinds of wood be broken at the next meet
=ing. orderd also that the Oper: prouide against the same time some tadpoles to be put in the rarifying Engi