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© The Royal Society


Dr Hookes Extracts out of the Iournal-Books of the R.S. for
his own priuate use.

Vol. 1:

1661 April.3. Mr. Boyle brought in his booke concerning the glasse tubes.
orderd that euery member of the Society should haue one of mr. Boyles Bookes.
to Discourse vpon against this Day seuenight.
That it be moued the next Day whether the matters to be debated shall be agreed vpon
the Day before.
Apr. 10. that the amanu: get the knowledg of the Dwelling of euery particular member of
the Society, for at occasion to summon them at the meeting when things of concernmt
are to be Debated. -
That the ammanu. make seuerall crooked glasses wth bubbles at the end. - [Diagram]
- voted tht the next Dayes Debate be agreed on before hand.
Orderd that the next Day be debated the Discourse of mr. Hookes Little booke -
may. 1. 1661. orderd the same subject to be debated the next Day.
may. 8. the Debate of tubes to continue to this Day seuennight
15. mr. Boyle presented the Society wth his Engin.
That the Debate of the that Day be concerning the /little/ tubes . & the florentine Expt.
28. Dr. Wilkins Dr Ent Dr Whistler. Dr Ward Dr. Henshaw & mr. Rooke appointed a
comitte for the matter of fact concerning the Rising of Liquors in small pipes.
Iune. 5. 13. Dr. Wilkins [intreated to bring in the history of] the filtrations.
Iuly. 31. Dr Wilkins expts. of blown bladders made whose particulars are to be in the Register book:
orderd tht. Dr Wilkins be pleasd to cause pipes of seueral bores to be made for to try the expt. of blowing vp weights.
&. tht. Dr. Whistler be pleasd to bring in writing his thoughts of Grauitation & springs.
Aug. 7. Dr. Wilkins made his expt. of Blown Bladders & intreated to bring in writing an account thereof.
Aug. 14. Dr. Wilk. - brought /in/ - in writing his account of blown bladders which is registred fol 57.
mr. croune intreated to bring in his an account of his Expt. of bladders &. water.
28. orderd tht the expt. made by mr. crone. with a bladder & water in it be further prosecuted against next Day & the effect brought in writing
Sep. 4. mr. crone shewd his Expt. wth Bladders & water which suceeded very well & thanks returnd from the Company to him with intreaty to bring account
in writing next Day. ---- mr crone intreated to Cause a syphon of glasse to be made & the short end kept vp to try the compression of air
wth. quicksiluer and also an Expt. to /be/ tryd ^ /with/ the weight of liquors in a syphon.
11. Dr Crone produced 2 expts. 1 of compr: of air wth. quicksiluer in a crooked tube of glasse the nipt end of wch. broke (mr. Boyle gaue an
account of his same expt. made by compressing 12 inches of air to 3 inches with about 100 inches of quicksiluer).
18. mr . Boyle brough in his account in writing of the expt. he made of the compression of air wth quics. in a crooked glasse tube & ordd to be registrd
Nou. 6. Mr. crone read his narration of the Expt. of Bladders & orderd to be registred.
Ian 1. 1661/2. Dr wren to Draw up a scheme of /for/ a weather clock againt next Day
Dr. wren desired to prosecute his proposed Designe of seuerall round pastbords with bullets to try their velocity of falling
8. Dr. wren brought in a scheme of a weather clock
22. Dr. wren shewd his expt. of filling a vessell wth. water. which emptied it self filld at a certain height. the model is in the ^ /repository . . . and was applyed to the weather clock/
29. Dr. wren read a paper concerning weather glasses.
Feb: 5. Dr. wren disired to think of an other way for a vniuersall measure other than a pendulum.
12. Dr wren proposed that black Lead to be of vse to preserue the piuots of the wheels of watches. ( a Lead pipe set vp 33 tones
Palmer Bel metall -
March 5. Zulichems Letter of Boyles Engin. Vz. Oldenb interlining
12.mr. Boyle tryd Rusma . 19. Mr Boyle corroded glasse
16. mr. Brooks musick paper read. 23. Boyles bent tube for Condensation. hinged hangings
May. 17. Boyle waterpoise [Drawing]. oldenburg air Leuell. Boyles. hardning liquors. and Dissoluing flesh
14. Haak to translate an Italian peice of Dying. Wallis his Dumb man. this is publist in Lock of Common Plac
21. wilkins president. S G Ent. Death watch.
Iune 4. ascent of water in solid 24 inches Boyle.
25. Boyle Looking glasse fluid foil.
Iuly 5. Boyle. motion of turpentine & spt of wine. mercators new Astronomicall hypothesis