Letter ID: 0799
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IV f.46r-47v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0799/008
Date: 26 April 1589
Note: The wax seal remains on the address leaf.
Copy of: 0167Copy of: 1387



Addressed: To our trusty & welbelovid servant Thomas Bodley esquier, [o]ne of the Counsell of State [as]sistant for us, of the United [Pr]ovinces in the Lowe Countryes.

Endorsed: 16 April 89 from hir Majesty.

Later Addition: [[.]] Bodley.



Later Addition: Belgia 1589 16 Aprill To Master Bodly

By the Queene:

Sign Manual: Elizabeth R

Trusty and welbelovid, we greete you well. The losse of the Town of Getrudenberghen being of so great consequence, in respecte of the entry therby made open for the Ennemy into the rest of the Country of Holland, and of the danger of other Townes and places to fall into the Ennemyes handes by the Example of that Town, hath moovid us to write our speciall lettres to the Towne of Dort (being now one of the principall places of importance in those partes next to the ennemy) and to som other of the cheefest Townes there adjoyning (the copie of which our said lettres we send unto you herewith) to this end that they should take a speedy and firm resolution not to disunite themselves, neyther one from an other nor any parte of them from the generalitie, but to mayntayne all good union togither under the generall gouverment of the States, therby to cutt of all practises & occasions that may be given and will be sought to putt and contynue them at division, and to sever them from the generall gouvernement. And for that we perceave ther are many defectes in the present state of ther gouverment, which for the care we cheefely have of their well doing & preservacion, we desyre greatly may be refourmid by som good consultation, to restore the gouvernement of all the united provinces into their former state, as the same was when we first tooke those Countryes into our protection, as well for the state of the warres, as for other Civill pollicy, wherby the wholle State may be strengthenid against the Ennemy, we are therforepurposed to send thith[r som noble man of our Counsell, to treate & deale with the States generall to that end, Who we appoynte shall be there by the xxvth daye of Maye next, if wind may so parmitt. Wherof we wolde have you presently give knowledge to the States generall, and require them in our name that against th[at] tyme, they will determyne their certain meeting at the Hague, And the [[.]] fol.46v
full autoritie to treate & conclude upon a finall order for reformacion of all their present defectes and controversyes,without pretence of want of nomberes, or of power sufficient, Wherby our good purpose might be delayed with expence of tyme in prolonging of their Sessions, as we heare many tymes by such delayes their causes are hindred, and not put in due execution, And of their aunswere heerunto we require you to advertise us with speede

And because you may better knowe there, than we heere, to what speciall Townes it were necessary these our lettres should be directid, we have caused the[m] to be left undirectid (excepting that to the Town of Dort.) leaving the indorsement of the rest to your discretion, as you shall think requisite. But for the speedy sending of them, We require you to omytt no tyme, And (yf you can) to make choyce of som parson for the caryeng of them, that may allso by speeche laye before them the greate Care which they may apparantly see we take for their preservation, and may be able allso to deliver good reasons & parsuasions unto them to that effecte that our lettres doo conteyne. For which purpose you may allso give to the partie that shall carry our said lettres, such directions as your knowledge & understanding of the particularities of the state of their affayres at this present, may leade you. Given under our Signett at our Palace of westminster the xxvjth of Aprill 1589 in the one & Thirtith yeere of our Raigne/