Letter ID: 1387
Reference: TNA, 12576.13
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1387/008
Date: 27 April 1589
Copies: 0799 


Sign Manual: Elizabeth R

Trusty and welbeloved, we greete you well, The losse of the Towne of Gertrudenbergh being of so great consequence in respect of the entry therby made open for the Ennemy into the rest of the country of Holland and of the daunger of the townes and places to fall into the Ennemyes handes by the example of that Towne, hath moved us to write our speciall letters to the Towne of Dorte being now one of the principall places of importance in those partes next to the Ennemy, and to some other of the cheifest townes there adjoyning (the copie of which our sayd lettres we send unto you heerwith) to this end; that they should take a speedy and firme resolution, not to disunite them selves, neyther one from an other, nor any parte of them from the generalitie, but to mainteyne all good union together under the generall government of the States, therby to cutt of all practises and occasyons, that may be given and wilbe soughte, to putt and continew them at divisyon, and to sever them from the generall government And for that wee parceave there ar many deffectes in the present state of their goverment, which for the care we chiefly have of theyr welldoing and preservacion, we desire greatly may be refourmed by some good consultation, to restore the government of all the united provinces into theyr former state, as the same was, when we fyrst tooke those countries into our protection, as well for the state of the warres, as for other civill pollicy, wherby the whole state may be strengthened against the Ennemy, we ar therfore purposed to send thether some noble man of our Counsell, to treat and deale with the States generall to that end who we appoint shalbe there by the xxvth daie of May next yf winde may so parmytt. Wherfore we would have you presently give knowledge to the States generall, and require them in our name that against that time, they will determine their certaine meeting at the Hague, and there to have full authority to treate and conclude upon a finall order for Reformacion of all their present defectes, controversies, without pretence of want of nombers or powre sufficient wherby our good purpose mighte be delayed with expence of Tyme in prolonging of their Sessions, as we heare many times by such delaies their causes ar hindred and not put in due execution. And of their aunswere heerin, we require you to advertise us with speed. &c.

Given under our Signet at our pallace of Westminster the xxvj of Aprill 1589. the one & thirteth yeare of our Raigne.