Letter ID: 0167
Reference: TNA, SP 84/32/57 f.57r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0167/008
Date: c.12 April 1589
Note: The letter is written quite tightly in the top two thirds of the folio. There is a florilegium below the endorsement on the address leaf.
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Later Addition: April 89. Probably 12th

Endorsed: April 1589 The copy of a letter from her majesty to master Bodley

Endorsed: Uppon the losse of Gertrudenbergh, to sollicite Dort & other to holde stronger without feare of the enemie


Trusty and welbeloved we greete you well; The losse of the towne of Gertrudenbergh being of so great consequence, in respect of the entry thereby made open for the enemy into the rest of the country of Holland, and of the danger of other townes & places to fall into the enemies handes by the example of that town hath moved us to write our speciall lettres, to the town of Dort being now one of the principall places of importance in those partes next to the enemy, and to som oth[r of the chiefest townes there adjoinning the copy of which our said letters we send unto you herewith to this end that they should take a speedy and firme resolucion, not to disunite themselves, neither one from another nor part of them from the generality, but to maintain all good union together under the generall governement of the States, there by to cutt of all practises & occasions that may be geven and wilbe sought, to present and continue them at division, and to sever them from the generall governement, and for that we parceive there are many defectes in the present state of their government; which for the care we chiefly have of their well doing, and preservacion, we desire greatly may be reformed by som good consultacion, to restore the government of all the united provinces into their former state as the same was when we first tooke those countries into our protection as well for the state of the wars as for other civill policy, wherby the whole state may be strengthned against the enemy. we are therefore purposed to send thither som noblemann of our counsell to treat and deall with the states generall to that end, who we appoint shalbe there by the xxvth day of may next if wynd may so parmitt, where fore we would have you presently geve knowledge, to the states generall and require them in our name that against that time they will determine their certain meeting at the Hague and there to have full authority to treat and conclude upon a finall order for reformacion of all their present defectes and controversies without pretence of want of nombers or of power sufficient whereby our good purpose might be delaied with expence of time in prolonging of their sessions, as we hear many times by such delaies their causes are hindred and not put in due execution and of their answere hereunto we require you to advertise us with speed

And bicause you may better know there then then we here to what spiciall townes it were necessary these our letters should be directed we have caused them to be left undirected (excepting that to the town of Dort,) leaving the indorsment of the rest to your discretion, as you shall thinke requisite, But for the speedy sending of them we require you to omitt noe time, and if you can to make choise of som parson for the having of them, that may also by speach lay before them the great care which they may apparantly see we take for their preservacion, and may be able also to deliver good reasons and parsuasions unto them to that effect, that our lettres do contain, for which purpose you may also geve to the party that shall cary our said lettres, such directions as your knowledge and understanding of the particularities of the state of their affaires at this present may lead you