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March. 29. 1665. (letter about monstrous calf) An Expt. was made for generating air by putting & powder
of oyster shells in a small glasse phiol vnder water, and whelming a large glasse filld wth water ouer it
to Receiue the steames of Corrosion. the successe was that the glasse was fill about a quarter full of /an/ aereall substance
orderd to be set by till next meeting. The Refraction of water couerd with turpentine was tryed. the ^ /refraction of/ the water
singly hauing been first Examined and found 41o. 40'. That wth oyle of turpentine being tryall afterward was
found 41o. 45'. (D Pell moued that the Refraction of Turpentine after it has been vpon the water might be tryd.) C.Blunt
chariot modules) mr Hooke was spoken ^ /to/ to take notice of the Pole of P. Ruperts hunting Chariot. (mr Haak to get descrip
of great waggon between Lubeck & Hamborough carrying 16 person 3 abrest) Co. Blunt shew a taynt spider. curing a beast of
the wind from eating clower by thrusting a knife into the flank) Dr. charlton Rebukd about macassar poyson -
Apr: 5. a fast. Apr. 12. 1665 (mr. Boyles booke of cold) he propounded, grafting on spina ceruina, trying sensible plant in Exhausting En
whether Silk worms & snails eggs would hatch in Vacuo?) Co Blunt about stifling vines by couering them wth glasses) Dr. Pell about
inuerting plants) onions to be tryd how they decrease In air) mr. Hook affirmed that a Rosemary branch cut from the Root would
Liue by sprinkling Common water vpon it (col Blunt asserted the like) that vine branch brough into house had Ripe grapes a fortnight
sooner) mr. Hooke being called vpon for /an/ account . . . Last days Expt about air generated from & powder of oyster shells
reported that the greatest part of it was returned into Liquor. The same was orderd to make the experiment the
next day wth bottle ale supposed to be wholsom to breath in which the air hitherto generated from & distilled vinegar
is not. (Operator to try making spiders & ants to feed on spiders) Col: Blunt about chariots) mr Hook was orderd to prosecute
/the module of/ his chariot wth 4 Springs & 4 wheels tending to the ease of the Rider. Orderd tht Ld Brounker Sr R moray. Sr W Petty. Dr Wilkins
Col. Blunt & mr Hooke be desired to suggest Expts. for improuing chariots & to bring them into the mechanicall Comtee. that
is to meet Apr. 21. at Ld Brounkers. mr Howard shewd an account concerning new comet from his Brother at vienna
which was deliuerd to mr Hooke to compare it wth his other obseruations. (Dr Clark about Injection) mr. Boyle about
whether creatures in vacuo dye for want of air or by compression of Lungs. thorax perforated yet animall dyed)
Apr. 19. Florentine poyson) monr Auzouts Ephem: of 2d Comet) Dr Croon pesented from Sr A King a scheme of first comet, by a Iesuit
at madrid, which was deliuerd to mr Hook to compare wth the other obseruations. who was also to take a coppy of Dr wrens
[In margin]q:   Scheme concerning this Comet, and return the originall to the said Dr. (Sr. P Neile. gum from Guinny like Copall or Anima
(mr. Hoskins produced Indian threed of grasse fit to make Ropes, deliurd to mr Hooke for the Repository. (mr. Cox querys about vegetables
Apr. 26. mr. Howard more obseruats. of Comet. Recommended to the pervsall of mr Hooke (expts. of florentine Poyson) (Blount
another modul of chariot. comittee for that purpose to meet at writlemarsh) An animated horse hair to be viewd wth microscope
Phi: Iac: Sacks. Letter to Society.) may dew to be tryed.).
May. 3. 1665. Dan Cox discourse of oyle of Tobacco. effects of it tryd) mr Howard an account of macassar poyson calld Ippo. in
the Island Celebes) mr Palmer pesented. cervus volans, humming bird, Rattles of Snakes, Racoon pizzle) mr. Th: Cox abortiue in Spt of Wine
These was deliuerd to mr Hooke. mr. Hooke produced a module of a chariot, wth 2 wheels & short double Springs, to be drawn
wth one horse, the chair being soe fixt vpon two springs that the person sitting Iust ouer the one or a little
behind the axe, was (when the Expt. was made at Co: Blunts house) carryed wth as much ease as one could be in the french
chariot wthout burthening the Horse. He shewed 2 draughts of this modul hauing this circumstantiall Difference
that the one of these was contriued soe that the boy sitting in a seate made behind the chair, and guiding the
reines ouer the top of the Chair driues the horse the other by placing the chair cleer behind the wheels.
the place of entry being likewise behind and the saddle on the horses back to be born vp by the shafts.
that the boy riding on it and Driuing the horse should be Little or noe burthen to the horse. (about may dew.
May. 10. 1665. The expt. of perforating the thorax of a dog and putting him into a Rcr: of the Rarifying Engine
was made wth. this successe, that the dog which was but a very young whelp. vpon a few exsuctions grew sick
fell down & probably would haue dyed if fresh air had not been readmitted or the Dog taken out. Reasons.
(Dan Cox tht Dogs would bear 6 times as much oyle of tobacco as a cat) Dr Pope prsented a hair ball found on the
/Tyrrhene/ sea side. some stones from vesuvius, pumice stones, flos sulphuris, Fryoly mercury ore) macasser poyson found coun
terfeit.) Sr. W Pettys double bottomd ship.) Some accounts of the comtee from their chair men mr Howard Dr. merrit & mr -
hoskins. Col Blont of the growth of Carps) american obsers: of Comet.
may. 17. 1665. (accounts of Comet from new england. Prague, Leige: All were orderd to be deliuerd to Dr Wren & mr Hooke.
(wallis. about Horrox) injecting tobacco oyle into a dog) about transfusion) Recouering tired horse wth sheeps blood) killed Catt wth oyl of tobacco
about worm in flesh. mites in eggs) mites in claret & white wine bottles) There was tryed an Expt. of making holes in the thorax
of a dog. the dog remained aliue the holes being small and couerd wth a skin. Orderd that fryday next the variation of the variat
of the needle be obserued in White hall garden by the curators formerly appointed, and that mr Colwall speak to mr marr to be
present and furnish materialls necessary for that Obseruation. Mr. Hooke mentiond that he had a pocket needle
[In margin]Vz.   which should shew the variation of the needle, he was desired vpon further consideration to giue a particular accout of it to
the Society (about may dew) mr. Hooke was orderd to try some Expts of Refraction by himself and acquaint the Socie
ty at their next meeting.
may. 24. 1665. mr. Hooke acquainted the company that he had found the Refraction of oyl of turpentine vpon water
to be the same wt that of water alone: the expt. was made before the Society which verify the account giuen. vizt
that in both these the Inclination being 30o. the angle of Refraction was 40o. 43' and it was conjectured by
mr Hooke that the vpper & vnder superficies of the oyle being parallell was the cause of the non alteratio
of the Refraction wth more thickness of oyle of turpentine. (there was an account giuen of hatching silkwomes
eggs in vacuo but the glasse hauing admitted water twas to be tryed againe) There was Read a Letter written to mr Hooke
from Duckenhall may 16. 1665 concerning Caterpillers produced of the downy palmes of willows, orderd that if the season be not
past mr. Hook take care to make the obseruation himself. Dr Godderd suggested that it should be obserued whether these insects
doe not turne into flyes. (the progresse of growth in vegetables to be obserued wth. microscopes (vpon trying the injections of oyle
of tobacco into a Dog made him sick & vomit) Dr wilkins. Mr Tho: Cox Mr Dan Cox & mr Hooke were appointed