Letter ID: 0719
Reference: Hatfield, MS 35/27
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0719/008
Date: 24 September 1595
Copy of: 1263



Later Addition: XVII.61.

Endorsed: Copie of my L. Tresurer lettre to my. 24 September 95


Sir. In my coming hitherward to the Court uppon Monday last, I receaved your lettres dated at the Hage the 11 of this moneth, which after I had read and perused, my L. of Essex sent to me your latter lettres, with a Spanish misticall conceyt in Frenche, tending to persuade a peace, or at least a surceance or a truce, which I perceave yow required my L. to communicat unto me, as he did; where- upon yesterday I acquainted her Majestie both your lettres and the Frenche project, which her Majestie read her selfe, and upon some debating of the principall mater comit- ted to your charge, to which as yet you had receaved no answear from the States, by reason of the absence of the Councell of Estate being at the Campe, her Majestie heerwith seemed to be still discontented, in that you had not pressed to receave an answear according to the charge given you. But therein it was apparant the fault not to be in you, and yet her Majestie continuing still her earnest purpose to have an answear (with- out being satisfied of the cause of the delay) hath commaunded me to write expressely to you in her name, to presse the States to give her Majestie a re- solut answear to her demaundes, and in no wise to send any persons hither, as you conceyve they mynde to doe, to give her Majestie answear, with pretence to renew the Treatie, which her Majestie mindeth no way to doe, And in this sorte her mynde is you shall proceede wthout recyeving any dilatorie answer from them, and the same, to send without returning your selfe untill her further direction.

The french writing can not be intended, to be noti- fied, either to the States there or to us, or to France, for that the very scope of it is, as I doe marke it in sondry places to abuse us all three with a mater of truce or surseance, imagining first to separate us a sunder, and then to chasten some and bridle others. At the tyme of the writing heere of I was advertised from Calais of 2 Companies of Hollanders, Conteyning onely 200 that came upon Saturday last thither; and for other good newes it is bruted the garrison of Arde, and the Contrie thereabouts made a Roade into Flanders as farre as Betune, fol.27v
and brought from thence a great bootie of sheepe and other Cattail, and 25 prisoners, whereof the worst was worth 500 Crownes. The Gouvernor also of Cambray with Monssieur Devicks gouvernor of St Denis issued out of the towne, and slewe 3000 men and brought 4 peeces of Canon from the enemie into the Towne, These be the lastest newes I have. And so having no other mater at this present, I wishe you to get some suche answear as might satisfie her Majestie. And so I bidde you hartelie farewell From the Court /at/ Nonsuche the 24 of September 1595