Letter ID: 0671
Reference: Hatfield, MS 170/105
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0671/008
Date: 22 February 1595
Copies: 0763 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the Erle of Essex./

Later Addition: Dr Birch's Memoirs. Vol. 214


May it please your good L. Besides that which I have written unto my L. Tresurer, wherof I send the copie to your L. heerewith, I have litle other mater to signifie presently. Coronel Murrey, of whome I have written in my last of the 14 though he beare the affection of a dutifull subject unto him, yet he makes it a cleere case, that if this succor of mony, which Co. Stuart doth require, shall be drawen from the States, it will be wholy devided among some about the King: being suche as partly neede it, and partly (as the Chancellor) that have lent unto the King. And therfor as a practise by abusing the K. to make their privat be- nefit, he would not willingly have it speede: still he doth persist in his former assertion, and affirmeth upon knowledge that the K. hath no neede of any suche aide, as the States are made beleeve. For were it so, that it were his desire, or that it had bin heeretofore, to suppresse these Erles of his contrey, they had ether bin taken, or slaine, or chased out of Scotlanda great while agoe. But what cause he alleageth, why it is not effected, I shewed your L. in my last. It were too long to hold your L. with rehersal of discourses, which I have had with divers persons, and with Barnevelt in special, about the Scottishe de- mandes, but though I finde them very forward to gra- tifie the King, yet I hope I have obtained by way of good persuasions, and intimation of some perils, that they will nether take his part in any dangerous practise, nor second him otherwise in any action at all, if it be of impor- tance, unles they notifie the same to her Majestie before. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. February 22 1594. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley