Letter ID: 0496
Reference: TNA, SP 84/51/281 f.281r-282v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0496/008
Date: 15 December 1595
Copies: 1272 



Endorsed: 15 December 1595 Copie of my L. Thresurers lettre to Master Bodley./

Later Addition: 15 December 1595 United Provinces


Master Bodley: Her Majestie hath ben acquainted with your dispatche of the xxvjth of November, wherin thoughe shee doth finde howe acceptable it is to The States, that shee suspendeth her demaundes; yet can she not remaine satisfied her selfe, with this manner of their proceeding, wherin the worlde must needes perceave, That their respect to her present occasions, is farre short of here towardes them in the tymes of their greatest necessities. And therfore, althoughe her Majestie is pleased, that yow doe lett them knowe That shee (out of love to their estate) is not disposed nowe to contest with them, but will forbeare to doe any thing, which might serve for cullour of any disordre, or Confusion to aryse amongst them at the tyme when there are so many devises used to gayne the Populer with fraudulent offers of Peace: yet would shee have yow let them knowe, That this their cold proceeding with her, must needes leave coldnes in her disposicion, thoughe it must be no smalle matter /that shall worke/ ether [seperacion] or alye nation from them, whose good shee hath preferred before so many particuler Consideracions of her owne. And therfore for the matter of shipping, of which in their owne lettres presented by Master Caron they make promyse; yow must let them knowe, That her Majestie lookes assuredly for the performance, as a thing wherof in no wise they must make default, because it will breede a great confusion in her Majesties owne preparacions. But for the sending of their deputies, shee would have them playnely tolde, That except their meaning be at the tyme of the comminge (besides their formallytie of thanksgiving) to make her Mayestie some such overture of present satisfaccion, as may stand with her honor to receave, wherin her mayestie wilbe content to admytt the Consideracion of the circumstances, which in Reasone they can alleage for not performance of the former proportion of her demaundes fol.208v
shee shall rather take their publycke comminge as a multiplycacion of further scorne, then any kynde of honorable satisfaccion. And therefore shee is pleased yow shall returne to the bodye of The states this aunswere formerly sett downe; but forasmuche as none can better deale inwardly, and pryvately with Monsieur Barnevill then your selfe; her mayestie may be content externally to digest this manner of dealing for the tyme, because the Common Enemy shall not make his particuler advantage of any drynesse betwene the Queene, and them: yet can it not but worke some Impression of unkyndnesse in her Majesties princeley brest, which will breake out at one tyme or other, and therfore to advise him as a good Patryott to them, and a wellwiller to the Common cause to worke them to some better fashion, whom yow may assure that if they shall come over presently with power to offer as good a Project at the least, or a better if it may be, then that which he delivered yow at your last returne, That in suche case, both shee will particulerly have sence of his good affection and can be contented that they shall send their deputies, whom shee will favourably receave as messengeres from her friendes and Neighboure; at which tyme yow may ether returne in their company or some fewe dayes before them, as yow see cause. Her mayestie hath in this forme given lyke aunswere to their Agent, who I doubt not will clearely and particulerly Relate the same.