Letter ID: 0484
Reference: TNA, SP 84/51/61 f.61r-62v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0484/008
Date: 27 July 1595
Note: This letter is annotated in the margin by Sir Robert Cecil.
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Endorsed: 27 July 1595 Concerning Master Bodleys Instructions

Later Addition: Holland 1595 July 27


It is expressed in her Majesties lettre to the states, and is also sette downe in my Instructions, That if they shall not condescend to some present satisfaction, her Highnes is resolved, to calle away her forces. This may seeme in my opinion, to implie a purpose in her Majestie to continue her forces there, if so be they shall agree, to give her good contentment. It may please your H. in this point, to understand of her Majestie what answear I shall make, if they put me to that question: or whether it be not her meaning, that I should hold them in suspense, pretending that I knowe not, howe her Highnes is affected. [In margin: That question may be answered when they have resolved of the first]
Moreoever it may be gathered by the forme of those speeches, that the revocation of her subjectes, and an open protestation against their Ingratitude, is all the course of proceeding resolved against them, in case of their refusal: which to signifie my conceat is no sufficient terror: for that I thinke there are not many, that will be moved very muche with the want of her succors, if they might be so excused, for the paiment of their debt. And therfore for my part, if her Majestie can like it, I will signifie this withall, That they will force her in the end, to take some other kinde of course, then is ether agreeable to her princely disposition, or to the singular affection, which she hath ever more /boren/ to the good of those contreis. [In margin: This her Majesty well liketh of, for him to use his owne discretion]
This kinde, or the like, of threatning insinuation, will put them somwhat in a muse, what may be more intended, and drawe them happely the sooner to some good resolution.

Wheras her Highnes doth permit, that if by diligent inspection into their condition, I finde the Provinces unable to fol.61v
graunt the full demaunde of a hundred thousand poundes, I shall give a secret hope, so that they will make her a convenient offer (albeit I have no war- rant to accept a lesser portion) that I will second them therein in my lettres to her Highnes howe farre they will be moved with my promesse in that case, whose credit with her Highnes they knowe to be no better, then her late displeasure towardes me, and the lettres which I carie discouver apparantly, I leave to your H. to consider. For where her Majestie doth not shewe that she respecteth her minister, it can never be expected, that others in other contreis will ether im[a-] gine it of themselves, or hope to speede of their pur pose, by the meanes of his endevors.

It may also please yow to informe me of her Majesties pleasure, Whether I shall presse them precisely, to come to an audit of the Accountes, and not hearcken to any offer of other Composition: wheron perhaps thei would deliberat, if they thought it would be em- [In margin: when the first question is answered, that Matter may be thoght on.]
braced: not for any disadvantage, that they thinke they can receave, by comming to a reckning, but [.] I have heard it among them, to shunne the occasions of contention, and further inconvenience. For by all probabilitie, they will stand very stiffely upo[n] great defalcations, as by some notes that I have made, and exhibited in writing unto my L. Tresurer, may appeere very plainely. Moreover I am assured, that they will never send their depu ties so sufficiently authorised, as that it shall be left unto them, to compound every difference, that may rise upon the accounts but still they must be forced to send backe unto their Provinces: which wi[ll] fol.62r
undoubtedly prove a very long peece of worke, and turne her Majestie in many thinges to more prejudice then profit.

It may also steede me in my service, to knowe to what summe the whole debt doth amount, by her Majesties [In margin: That shalbe delive- red him]
bookes, to the end I may thereafter frame my answear to their offers, and other communications. And if in any other mater I shall neede your direction, I will request it by worde, at my repaire unto your H.