Letter ID: 0466
Reference: TNA, SP 84/50/29 f.29r-30v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0466/008
Date: 05 February 1595
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Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: ultimo February 1595. Master Bodeleie to my L. From the Haghe./

Later Addition: 5 February 94/5


May it please your good L. to be advertised, that when I came to the Hage the 27 of the last, I found the most of the states away, being all invited by the Co. of Hohenlo, to be at his mariage with the Countesse of Bueren, which was solemnised at Bueren a litle towne with a Castel appertening to the Countesse, between Cu- lenbourgh and Tiel. I doe finde in like maner, that the Provinces have not yelded as yet to the Councels proposition, for the extraordinarie contribu- tion of this yere: for which they have demaunded eight score thousand poundes sterling: which is seventie thou- sand more, then was ever yet required, the last yere excepted. Howe it will be obtained it is very uncertaine: but yet all men are in hope, that it will be raised in the end: albeit I am told, that my comming heere so soone will rather hurt then helpe it forward. For I doe serve my self of divers reasons, to drawe them on to pay their debtes, of which some will take hold to excuse their contributing: that if their grant had bin past before I had come hither, it had bin un- doubtedly a farre fitter opportunitie. Yester- day morning I had my audience of the states, of whome I was heard in a full assemblie: but I had no other answear, then they are wont to deliver in all suche affaires, That they will take some time to thinke upon it, requiring to have my proposition in writing, wher- of heere inclosed I send the copie to your L. I will hasten their answear as muche as I may, and so- licit them the while to give her Majestie content, First by some good portion of mony in hand: secondly by some annual paiment, till all be discharged: and lastly by abating a part of her present expenses. They are very muche troubled with this mater, and waxe so silent upon it, as I can not yet imagine what successe I shall have: but I am in good hope, to learne out somwhat of their purpose, and to write it in my next. fol.29v
This day I am to deale with the Councel of Estate, to whome I will deliver her Majesties lettre, and particpat as muche, as I proposed to the states. But Co. Maurice is in Gel- erland, but with whome I must deale altogether by lettres, if I see any likelihood that he will stay in those quarters. Coronel Stuart is come hither from the Scottishe King, and hath delivered his message: wherof all that I can learne, is that he seeketh to renue the ancient amities and alliances between the two contreis: and withall is a suitor to be as- sisted by them against his rebels at home. Whether the Kings desire be for mony or men, I shall not be able to signifie directly, till I have spoken with /the Coronel/ himself, or with some of the states, which I purpose with the soonest, and will adver- tise accordingly. The report that hath gone of the Germane Ambassadors, that should come to treat of Peace, is still a foote in these contreis. It is determi- ned, they say, that of 12 speciall persons deputed ther- unto, there shall 6 repaire to Brussels, and 6 to this place, to witte, two from the Ecclesiastical state, two from the Princes and other two from the townes: and that certaine Heraldes wearing their coates shall be sent before, to declare to the people in places where they passe, the occasion of their comming. But I can not yet perceave, that they have yet resolved heere, what course they will take for admitting or stopping their comming: though I see no inclination, that they will enter into treatie. Heere hath gone a speeche of late, of 3 townes taken by the D. of Bouillon, in the land of Luxenbourgh, Juois, La Frette, and Clerancy which lie upon a branche of the Mose: with all it is said that he hath defeated 11 Cornets of the Enemies horse: but though the newes came hither about 6 daies sins, it is no further yet confirmed. About the same time we were also advertised, that the Castle of Huy a strong place in the land of Liege, lieng upon the Mose, neere to the Citie of Liege, is surprised by certaine souldiers fol.30r
of the states, which were presently seconded by divers other troupes: but howe they will speede it is doubted very muche, because the contrey there is populous, and full of gentlemen, which are very well provided of warlicke furniture. But if they chaunce to hold the place, considering that the D. of Bouillon is there at hand with his armie, which are saied, together with the states forces, to make 9000 foote, and 1500 horse, it will prove a very speciall annoiance to the Enemies actions. It is held for certaine heere, that the mutined Italians have accorded with Ernestus: for which many men blame the states of these contreis, that they cutte them not in peeces, when it was in their power. It is written from Andwerpe, that Richardot, Asson- ville and Vasseur, principal persons of the Spanishe Councel at Brussels, are displaced by the King, but there are that doubt the certaintie. They are greatly grieved heere, that they can not stand assu- red of these Englishe troupes which they intertaine, being hindred by it muche in making their designes, for not knowing what forces they may imploy in any enterprise

At my being in Middelbourgh I receaved a letter from Sir Robert Cecill, with a second discourse of the Scottish affaires, wherof, in as muche as no other mater is yet offered unto me, to write to his Honor I humbly beseeche yow to give him some intelligence. And so I take my humble leave. From the Hage February 5 1594. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodly

Postscript: Heere is a bruit at this very instant, that both the Castle and towne of Huy are in our possession: but withall it is said, that of the nombers of our horse, which went to succor those places, as neede should require, being 7 or 8 companies, returning homeward with their pray, which they say was very great, 3 or 4 cornets in the avantgard were cleane defeated by an Embuscado of the Enemie, and the rest put to flight. Howe true it is I can not signifie, but it carieth great likelihood, and it is reported very constantly.