Letter ID: 1374
Reference: BL, Harleian 287 fol. 215r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1374/008
Date: 10 July 1594
Copy of: 0450



Later Addition: 1594 10 July Master Bodly to the L. Tresurerr Hague

Maye it please your good L. I have nothing more to signifie for myne owne nego- tiation, till I heare from your L: It might have steeded me muche for many respectes, if untill that her Majestie had fully resolved, I might either have knowne by some little imtimation, where uppon it hath stayed, or had somewhat sayd unto me, to intertaine them heere the whyle. For although I have devysed the best that I coulde, to aunswear theyr demaundes, yet I see they are not satisfied, and I am alwayes uncertaine, howe well my aunsweres may accord with her Majesties desi- gnes. It is signified very nowe by lettres from the Campe, that the fift of this monneth, a parte of the Ravelin where our soldiers had myned, and placed stoare of powder, was sette a fyre and blowen up, with 200 men in yt, of which there were very fewe saved, but were either by the myne, or by our men after slayne, and many of them drowned in the water faste by. The Ravelin thereuppon was presently assaulted, and taken by the Scottes, whose quarter was neerest, which is thought a great steppe to the taking of the Towne And we hope in lyke manner to heare every hower, of some speciall attempt to be given besydes. For our approches, Galleryes other mynes and workes are brought soe neere unto the Rampers in 5 or 6 places, as they were ready, it is thought about 4 dayes paste, to give upon the Towne in all those places at one instant, as in the meane season having planted their Artillerie upon 9 or 10 beddes in severall places that shootconstant /shoot/ daye and night, and kill very many. Co: Maurice in gooing aboute to viewe the workes, was defen- ded from a bullet, by e meanes of his Targett, of which a splinter brake out, and hurte his page staunding by. The wether here for this moneth hath been exceeding wette, and wyndie, which hath been a great hinderaunce to the advantage of our workes. It is thought that otherwyse, before this we might have carryed the towne. This benefitte we have only that the Marishes therby are waxed very deepe, soe as the Enemye hath noe meanes to convey in any souldiers which he did oftentymes before. There is a speeche that 400 of Verdugoes Souldiers have mutined, and have lefte hym. Ernestus we heare doth assemble all his forces for some speciall purpose, which is unknowne yet here, but only by conjecture, having sent already to the castell of Wo, adjoyning to Berghen 300 mariners, it is supposed he intends upon the Ile /of/ Tertol. It is advertysed hither from the Enemyes Country, that the Co: Charles Mansfelt, is gone to the Spawe, leaving most of his troupes betweene Arras and Douay. The bruite goeth here that the Prince of Anhalt is come to Co: Maurice, as they saye but to see, and salute hym But by reason of a secret motion, which hath bin made by freendes heertofore, for a matche betweene the Prince and the Lady Emilia de Nassau Co Mau- rices sister both by father and mother, it is supposed, that his comminge is chiefly for that, But for ought I can perceave, by talke with those that seem to knowe it, the Lady hath no fancie to marie with any Germane. There are appoynted from hence to goe into Scotland to the Baptisme of the Prince fol.215v

Later Addition: Hague 10 July 1594

Monsieur Brederode the Elder and Monsieur Valke of Zeelande. For that your L. maye desyre to see a plotte of this siege I endevoured longe a goe to sett one a worke, but it was not possible with any safetie to the workeman to do it with any perfitnesse, till our Artillerie was throughly planted. Nowe the inclosed is sent unto me which is done somewhat sleightly, and in a small roome, without any trimming for that the partie doth promise to send me a larger and exacter. Howbeit he doth assure me that the juste distaunce between our Campe and the towne, the compasse the entrenchment, and the length of the towne, with the forme of the Angels, portes and Bulwarkes, together with the fortes, waters wayes, and suche other generall thinges, in that sorte as they present themselves towardes our Campe, are sette downe in just pro- portion, according to the scale of passes joyned to yt, which is only mente of ordinary gooing passes, accounting two foote to a passe. Although it be no draught to content your L. yet for that it is the first that I have yet seene and is done by a skilfull person who sent it me hither in a ruder forme I have caused it here to be somwhat better drawne, and send it heerwith And thus for this present I take my humble leave. From the Hage July 10 1594 Your L. most humbly bounden Tho: Bodley