Letter ID: 1373
Reference: BL, Harleian 287 fol.214r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1373/008
Date: 21 July 1594
Note: On the fourth line of the letter, there is a lacuna between the words 'the' and 'Brest'.
Copy of: 0456



Later Addition: 21 of July 1594.

Maye it please your good lordshipe by your lettere of the 7 which I Receaved the 19 havinge had full Intellygence that hir Majestie is determyned to goe forwarde with hir purpose for the of Breste and to have the assystance of the states required therunto I moved them in it yesterdaye and had ther Answeare partely which was to this effecte that they have sygnefyed by their Letteres alredy to hir Majestie that they will straine ther Abilletyes to the uttermoste degree to seconde hir dessigne, and when so evere they may knowe hir finall Resolutyone they will presently Arme their Navie for theyr thinke it very Necessary that they shold be firyste mad acquainted with the tyme to sette foarthe the place of the Rande vous the Nomber of hir Shipes, Souldiores and Munissyone, pouder and other provissyone with all the projecte of the service /to/ the end they maye proceed with a sounde delyberacion and provid them selves thearafter of every thinge Requisite, That other wise yf they shold presentely sete forwarde it mighte befall them at this tyme as it wold have done before uppon my firste proposityon, that in makynge seedely towardes portesmo- the and Plymothe as Was required then of them they shold have made a Fruteles voyage, & burdened the Contrey with a Needles Charge, for two or thre Mo- nthes, so as Nowe at this presente they shold have wa- nted the meanes to yelde any Succore, In which respecte they are desyrous to knowe hir Majestie, hir laste Determenacion, with every partyculere & Necessarye Cercomstance, and that then for their porcion they will alwayes be f as forwarde as Cane in Reason be Required, If I had knowne thos partyculer dem- aundes which it seemed by your letteres, hir Majestie propo- sed to their Agente Master Caron I mighte better have byne able to Negotyate with them, for Nowe I Cold but dealle in Certene generall termes, Not knowing what mattere thes demaundes mighte imparte, Heare is No Resolutyone taken, for any other imploymente of their forces at home the state seeming bente to Refreshe their Souldiores, for a whille in theire Garrysones townes in for which I wilbe Earneste, thos of hir Majesties to be somwhat better furneshed, they passed apromys a greate whille whill since to the Frenche Kynge that after Groeninghen was Reduced, they wolde spare him 3000 footemen & 500 horse for the space of 30 three monthes to be Comaunded by the Duke of Bouillon, and emplo- yed as he thoughte good againste the Contreys of Artoys and Henolle or any other place to the- anoyance of the Enemye, this promyse being Ma- de I suppos they will parforme, yf the Duke be Redy for it, and hathe Caste his plote to good eff- Effecte. fol.214v
Effecte, wherunto as it seemethe they attend to knowe his Answere / The Deputyes for Scotland are upon their departures whose presente at the Christen- inge to the Vallue of 1200li, and Certene pattente from the provincesinclosed also in a Boxe of golde Contayninge the graunte of an Annualle pensione of 500li duringe the Lyfe of the Younge prince to be enjoyed by him selfe or bestowed uppon any other but this they are unwillinge to have it publyckly knowne, Havinge No other mattere I take my humble Leave From Hage July 21 1594.