Letter ID: 0767
Reference: LPL, MS 650 f.165r-166v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0767/008
Date: 04 March 1594
Copy of: 0674



Endorsed: De Monsieur Bodley le 4me de mars a monsieur le comte d'Essex 1594.


May it please your good L. having sent my L. Tresurer an other lettre intercepted, I have here inclosed a copie bothe of that & of mine owne knowing no other matter worth the writing to your L. from the Hague. April 4 1594. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley

Postscript: At the closing hereof I understood the particuler discourse of the last conspiracie in Scotland the ligger Ambassadour both reported it alike for as much as doth concerne the confession of Bawirie. But the Coronell upon it doth exaggerate the matter in solliciting the states for some present assistance as if the K. for his security had never more nede: whereas the Ambassador tells me plainely but under many benedicities that the K: necessitie is lesse then before & sheweth me that Huntlie & Erroll have given caution to departe the country, & that Bothwell is allso goeing. and thus I have found a Rowland to oppose against Oliver: & one Ambassa- dor against an other.