Letter ID: 0452
Reference: TNA, SP 84/49/33 f.33r-34v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0452/008
Date: 13 July 1594
Copies: 0038 



Addressed: To the right honorable Sir Robert Cecill Knight of her Highnes privie Councell.

Endorsed: 13 Julij 1594 Master Bodley to my Master

Later Addition: 13 July 94


May it please your H. to be advertised, that the inclosed to her Majestie was brought me this morning by the Greffier of the states: and is an answear to that letter, which her Majestie writte unto them, and was sent hither by your H. to be delivered by me. It con- cerned the abuse of their trafficque into Spaine, in transporting suche materials, as served the king for the furnishing of his navies. Wherein they doe ende- vor to satisfie her Highnes and their signifie their for- wardnesse to assist her in Brittaine. The copie of the lettre I send your H. heerewith, having no other mater to certifie besides, but that which I writte but two daies past unto my L. Tresurer: wherof I doe account that your H. is partaker. Onely this is written sins, that Co. Maurice and the towne, upon lettres and messages sent too and fro, have resolved in a maner (for it was /not/ fully yet concluded the 8 of this moneth) that those of Groeninghen shall specifie by writing, upon what conditions they will yelde, and then after from the proposals. So that nowe it doth appeere, that they within doe conceave, what danger they incurre by delaieng the treatie, and therfor will not differ it, as all men ar persuaded. For the Count doth goe for ward with his galleries, and mines, and every way continueth his former hostilitie. Heere is certaine intelligence given to the states, that the Enemie doth assemble about Maestricht, and useth all expedition for the rescue of Groeninghen. But by every mans conjecture before they can be where they wold be, the towne will be ours by force or by faire meanes. Wherewith I take my humble leave. From the Hage. July 13 Your H. at commaundement Tho. Bodley