Letter ID: 0038
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.152r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0038/008
Date: 13 July 1594
Copy of: 0452



Endorsed: July 13 1594



Later Addition: Belgia 1594 13 July To Sir Ro: Cecill

May it please your H. to be advertised, that the inclosed to her Majestie was brought me this morning by the Greffier of the states: and is an answear to that letter, which her Majestie writte unto them, and was sent hither by your H. to be delivered by me. It concerned the abuse of their trafficque into Spaine, in transporting suche materials as served the King for the furnishing of his navies. Wherein they doe endevor to satisfie her Majestie and they signifie their forwardnesse to assist her purpose in subduing the Spaniardes in Britaine. The copie of the Letter I send your H. heerewith, having no other mater to certifie beside, but that which I writte but two daies past unto my L: Treasurer: wherof I doe account that your H. is partaker. Onely this is written since, that Co. Maurice and the towne upon lettres and messengers sent too and fro, have resol- ved in a maner (for it is not yet concluded) that those of Groeninghen shall sette downe in writing upon what conditions they will yelde, and then after from the Count they shall knowe to what pointes the states will condescend. So that nowe it doth appeare by all their proceeding, that they within doe conceave, what danger they incurre by delaieng the treatie, and therfor will not /differ/ as all men are persuaded, to capitulat with us, and also to accept any tolerable conditions. The sooner in as muche as the Count doth goe forward with his gal- leries and mines, and omitteth no hostilitie.

Heere is certaine intelligence given to the states, that the Enemie doth assemble about Maestricht, and useth all expedition for the rescue of Groeninghen. But by every mans conjecture, before they can be where they would be, the towne will be ours by force or by faire meanes. Wherewith I take my humble leave. From the Hage. July 13 1594. Your H. at commaundement [Tho. Bodley]