Letter ID: 0057
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.191r-192v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0057/008
Date: After 08 September 1594
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Whereas I was enjoyned by her Majesties Instructions, to requyre of the States certaine shippes of warre, for the service of Brittanie, I besought your L: by my lettres of the 26 of Maye, to signifie what nomber her Majestie would furnish, to the ende I might insist that according to the Treatie, they should arme as manie more, which I sollicited alsoe after, by lettres of the 11 and 24 of June, and 10 of July.

The 19 of July I had one from your L. of the 7 of the same monneth, which was the first that I receaved from the time of my departure; wherein you made me no aunswear, to the principall point of my foresaid lettres, but onely in yt willed me to recommend unto the States certain speciall demaundes, which her Majestie in person had delivered Master Caron: whereof noe Copie was sent unto me, nor any note or specification, to what effect they might tend. Nevertheles, to execute my charge, I caused the States to assemble upon it, and after I had used some speeches unto them, to hasten their assistance, I desyred their aunswear to the foresaid demandes. But they in their aunswear declared unto me, that as yet they had no notice of any demaundes, and therfore they required me, to exhibit them in writing, or to signifie by worde, what matter they contained. And when they found by my replie, that I was ignorant altogether of that which I requyred, I leave to be considered what they thought among themselves, and howe ill it did beseeme me to come to them in their meeting, to inquyre her Highnes pleasure especially in those causes which they expected from me, and for which her Majestie sent me purposely to negotiat with the Provinces./ fol.191v
The 20 daye of July they heard from Master Caron, and rece[aved] those demandes, which were made of her Highnes, in which [they] founde dyvers doubtes of speciall importance, which they [depu-] ted certaine persons to communicat with me presently, s[uppo-] sing, as it seemed, that I had alsoe then receaved full instructions [[.]] in every point. But perceaving as before that I was a [stran-] ger to the matter, they themselves acquaynted me with M[aster] Carons letters, and with a postscript of his, by which they were advertised, that by order of her Highnes, the present prop[osal] of the foresaid demandes was countermanded. And with [[all]] they made shewe to be greatlie mooved, beyng left in [some] perplexitie, that by my relation they knewe nothing, a[[.]] by their Agent but uncertaintie. Wherupon they req[uyred] me to use some diligence, to learne her Highnes last a[nd de-] terminat purpose; aswell in respect of that, which she [her] self would perfourme, as also of that which she requyred [of] them, to the end they might arme their Navie according[ly] and frame the course of their provisions for the benefit of the Provinces, and the best advauncement of the service: For they might otherwise be soe bourdened with unnecessary charges, as at an other tyme heere after, they should [hardly] be able to drawe the people to contribut to anie suche e[nterprise] Of this I certified your L. /by 2 privat lettres the 21 of July, and by /an/ other of/ the 28 of July, and 7 of Au[gust] most earnestly craving an expedit aunswear.

The 12 of August I receaved one from your L. of the 3 [of] same moneth: by which I was advertised, that notwithstand[ing] the foresaid countermande of her Majesties demandes, she did afterwardes approove Master Carons carefull dealing in m[aking] his dispatch. And although at the same tyme the states h[ad] understoode of that allowance of her Majestie, yet because they h[ad] intelligence, that the first appointed generals of her Highnes fo[rces] my L. Admirall and My L. of Essex, were not to be imployed fol.192r
they misdoubted therupon that some other alteration would ensue in other pointes (whereof there is noe question, but insi- nuation was made by their Agent unto them) for which they mooved me againe with very great instance, to en- devor with speede to knowe some finall resolution: of which also they desired to be directly and precisely in- formed by me, and not by Master Caron: because (as they alleadged) I was sent expressely to them, and whatsoever in those matters they proposed to the Provinces, as from their owne servant, it would by no meanes be accepted as sufficient and autenticall. To which effect I writte unto you the 15 of August, with signification of repugnance betwixt the lettres of your L., and Master Carons advertisements, by meanes whereof, and for want of plaine intelligence of her Highnes full intention, I was very muche confounded in my dealing with the States: who urged me continuallie to an orderly proceeding, by proposing roundly to them, and in her Majesties name, as I had ever bin wonted, her determinat pleasure.

The 8 of September I receaved your lettre answear bearing date the 27 of August by which you seemed muche offended, charging me with precisenesse and cavillation, and with some note of worse dealing, then my long and faithfull service had any waye deserved, or your L. I trust doth conceave at this present. And although in that lettre, there was nothing contained that the States expected, and I had writ- ten for soe often, yet by earnest sollicitation, I obtained soe much, as they dispatched then presently sixe shippes well appointed, and other three they promised to send presently after./