Letter ID: 0055
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.182r-183v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0055/008
Date: After 08 September 1594
Copy of: 0057


Endorsed: fol.183v
[[.]] lettres and mine



Later Addition: [B]elgia [15]94 [Sep]tember

Wheras I was enjoined by her Majesties Instructions, to require of the states certaine shippes of warre for the service of Brittanie, I besought your L. by my lettres of the 26 of May, to signifie what number her Majestie would fournishe, to the end I might insist, that according to the Treatie, they should arme as many more. Which I solicited also after, by lettres of the 11 and 24 of June, and 10 of July.

The 19 of July I had one from your L. of the 7 of the same moneth, which was the first that I receaved from the time of my departure: wherein yow made me no answear to the principal point of my forsaid lettres, but onely willed me in it, to recommend unto the states certaine special demaundes, which her Majestie in person had delivered Master Caron: of which no copie was sent unto me, nor any note or specification, to what effect they might tend. Nevertheles to execut my charge, I caused the states to assemble upon it, and after I had used some speeches unto them, to hasten their assistance, I desired their answear to the forsaid demaundes, But they in their answear declared unto me, that as yet they had no notice of any demaundes, and therfore they required me, to exhibit them in writing, or to signifie by worde, what mater they contained. And when they founde by my replie, that I was igno- rant altogether of that which I required I leave to be consi- dered, what they thought among themselves, and howe ill it did beseeme me, to come to them in their mee- ting, to inquire her Highnes pleasure: especially in those causes, which they expected from me, and for which her Majestie sent me purposely, to negotiat with the Provinces.

The 20 day of July, they heard from Master Caron, and receaved those demaundes which were made by her Majestie: in which they founde divers doubtes of special importance, which they deputed certaine persons to communicat with me at my lodging, supposing, as it seemed, that I had also then receaved [[full instructions in every point.]] fol.182v
But perceaving, as before, that I was a stranger to [the] mater, they themselves acquainted me with Master Caron[s] letters, and with a postscript of his, by which they were a[dver-] tised, that by order of her Highnes the present proposa[l of] the forsaid demaundes was countermanded. And w[ithall] they made shewe to be greatly moved, being left in s[ome] perplexitie, that by my relation they knewe nothing, [.] by their Agent, but uncertaintie. Wherupon they re[quired] me to /use/ some diligence, to learne her Highnes last and deter[mi-] nat purpose, aswell in respect of that which she her self w[ould] perfourme, as also of that which she required of them: t[o the] end they might arme their navie accordingly, and f[rame] the course of their provisions, for the benefit of the Prov[inces] and the best advancement of the service. For they migh[t] otherwise be so bourdened with unncessarie charg[es, as] an other time heereafter, they should hardly be ab[le to] drawe the people to contribut to any suche enterp[rise.] Of this I certified your L. the /21 and/ 28 of July, and 7 [of August] most earnestly craving an expedit answear.

The 12 of August I receaved one from your L. of the [3 of] the same moneth, by which I was advertised, that notwith[stand-] ding the forsaid countermaunde of her Majesties dem[andes] she did afterwardes approve Master Carons carefu[ll] dealing in making his dispatche. And although at [the] same time the states had understoode of that allowa[nce] of her Majestie yet because they had intelligence, that [the] first appointed Generals of her Highnes forces my L. [Ad-] miral and my L. of Essex were not to be imploied they misdoubted therupon, that some other alterat[ion] would ensue in other pointes (wherof there is no [question] but insinuation was made by their Agent unto the[m)] for which they moved me againe with very great inst[ance,] to endevor with speede to knowe some final resolution: of w[hich] also they desired to be directly, and precisely inform[ed] by me, and not by Master Caron: because, as they alleag[ed,] I was sent expressely to them, and whatsoever in those [matters they proposed to the Provinces, /as from their owne servant/, it would by no means] fol.183r
be accepted as sufficient and autentical. To which effect I writte unto yow the 14 of August with signifi- cation of repugnance betwixt the lettres of your L. and Master Carons advertisements: by meanes wherof, and for want of plaine intelligence of her Highnes full in- tention, I was very muche confounded in my dea- ling with the states: who urged me continually to an orderly proceeding, by proposing roundly to them and in her Majesties name, as I had ever bin wonted, her determinat pleasure.

The 8 of September I receaved your L. answear bearing date the 27 of August by which yow seemed muche offen- ded, charging me with prescisenesse, and cavillation, and with some note of worse dealing, then my long and faithfull service had any way deserved, or your L. I trust, doth conceave at this present. And although in that letter there was nothing contained, that the states expected, and I had written for so often, yet by earnest solicitation I obtained so muche, as they dispatched then presently six shippes well appointed, and other three they promised to send presently after.