Letter ID: 0040
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.157r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0040/008
Date: 07 July 1594
Note: This is a copy by Bodley of Burghley's letter to him.
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Sir I have acquainted her Majestie with all suche lettres as I have receaved from you, who doth allow very well the course of your proceedings since your departure: and although the occasion of this letter hath his depen- dance upon your former Instructions to negociat with the Estates for some support towardes the action of Brittannie, where in her Majestie was engaged, before your departure, yet for as muche, as something hath passed sins that tyme, which is fitt for you to knowe, I have thought good both to acquaynt you with the same, and what her Majesties pleasure is you should doe in regarde thereof. Her Majestie beyng advertised of the strength of the Kinge of Spaynes forces in Brittanie, (besydes the conjunctions of the Leaguers of that Province) of his great preparation of shipping, only intended for to possesse Bresthaven, where he hath on the one syde of the Haven, already built a fort, wherein he spareth no charge to proceed and finding that without a great force, this dessigne cannot be altered and that force is to be used, both by Sea and by land: wherupon her Majestie sent expressely Sir Roger Williams to the French King (after his returne lately made from Brest) to acquaint him with the State of that place, and to lett him know that her Majestie perceaving the imminent daunger by the losse of that Haven, and foreseeing howe little advantage anie other place in Brittanie wilbe if that be lost, did make to the King this proposition, that if he would resolve to send downe suche an armie by lande of horse and foote, as beying increased with suc[he] forces as she could conveniently spare, might be able to Master the Enemie in the field, and lykelie to recover that Forte, without the which small frute will aryse of the action taken in hand, that the[n] she would send a convenient proportion of shipping, to impeache the Fleete of the King of Spayne, and would increase her numbers there already on land in convenient proportion. To this the king hath made aunswer that he will send the Duke Montpensier, with two thowsand foote, and one thowsand horse out of Normandie, with the addicion of those forces which be already in Brittany which arise to his account to iij[EE] or iiij[EE] thowsand foote more, and withall some 6C horse, with which nombers although her Majestie sees no reason to beleeve that anie great thing can be done, yet is she resolved to enter into som course how to obviat this violent purpose. And none resorting to the remembrance of many offers, made by the States long sins to second her Majestie for the service in Brittany in a very large proportion even as by many lettres of their owne it hath appeared with one halfe fol.157v
of whatsoever her Majestie should imploye, Her Majestie hath partic[ularly] dealt with Monsieur Caron their Agent even by her owne mouth[, spee-] dilie and seriouslie to moove the states to put their helping han[d with] as muche force as they maye by Sea, and with other helpes of m[uni-] tion to suffer /serve/ to recover the said Fort, which motion her pleasu[re is] you should recommend as a matter newly againe now revyved [to you] and that you doe alsoe acquaynt the States, that the Queenes M[ajestie] doth expect present aunswers to those demaundes, which by their [Agent ] she hath alsoe directed to be by him communicated to them: and [so] I bidde you farwel. From the Court at Greenwich the vijth [of] July 1594

Postscript: I have moved the Quene earnestly for your returne, but her Ma[jesty con-] sidering that upon finishing of the matter of Groeninghen, one way [or other] there will fall out some Negotiation between her and the States, [her] Majestie is pleased that you doe first procure some aunswer, to thes her Majesties propositions, and after signifie your proceeding in all things without returning untill her Majesties pleasure be further knowen.

Postscript: You are to deale with the states that with what nombers of s[hipping] and men, and with what quantitie of Munition, they will as[sist] this prise of Brittaine, the same maye without delay be put in [execu-] tion, for her Majestie hath already sent Sir John Norreys and all h[is power] already by lande to Brest, and hath also sent certein her shippes of [warre] to discover the State of Brest haven, and therfore if the states s[hall] seriously mynde the good of this prise, by their ayde, the same w[ill] doe noe good if it should be delayed.