Letter ID: 0034
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.145r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0034/008
Date: 10 July 1594
Note: This document is badly fire damaged.
Copy of: 0450



Later Addition: [Bel]gia bis [15]94 [10] July

Maye it please your good L: I have nothing more to signifie for myne owne negotiation, till I heare from your L: It might have steeded me muche for many respectes, if untill that her Majestie had fully resolved, I might either have knowne, by some little intimation, wherupon it hath stayed, or had somewhat saide unto me, to intertayne them heere the whyle: For although I have devised the beste that I could to aunswear their demandes, yet I see they are /not/ satisfied, and I am alwayes uncerten, how well my aunswers maye accorde with her Majesties designes. It is signified very now by lettres from the Campe, that the fift of this moneth, a parte of the Ravelin where our soldiers had mined, and placed stoare of powder, was sette a fyre, and blowen up, with 200 men in it, of which there were very fewe saved, but either by the Mine or by our men after slaine, and manie of them drowned in the water fast by. The Ravelin there- upon was presently assaulted, and taken by the Scottes, whose quar- ter was neerest, which is thought a great stoppe to the taking of the Towne. And we hope in lyke manner to heare everie hower of some speciall attempt to be given besides, For our approches, Galleries other Mynes, and Workes, are brought soe neere unto the Rampers in 5 or 6 places, as they were ready it is thought about 4 dayes paste, to give upon the Towne in all those places at an instant, as in the meane season having planted their Artillerie, upon 9 or 10 beddes in severall places, that shoote daye and night, and kill very many. Co: Maurice in gooing about to view the workes was defended from a bullet, by the meanes of his Target, of which a splinter brake out, and hurt his Page staunding by.

The weather heere for this moneth hath been exceeding wette, and windie which hath been a great hinderance to the advantage of our workes. It is thought that otherwise before this we might have caried the Towne. This benefitte we have only that the Marishes therby are waxed very deepe, soe as the Enemie hath noe meanes to convey in any soldiers, which he did oftentymes before.

There is a speeche that 400 of Verdugoes Soldiers have mutined, and have left hym. Ernestus we heare doth assemble all his forces for some speciall purpose, which is unknowne yet heere, but onely by conjecture, having sent already to the Castle of Wo adjoyning to Berghen 300 mariners, It is supposed he intends fol.145v
upon the Ile of Tertol. It is advertised hither from the Enem[ies] Contrey, that the Co: Charles Mansfelt, is gon to the Spawe, leaving [most] of his Troupes between Arras and Douay. The bruite goeth heere[, that] the Prince of Anhalt is come to Co: Maurice, as they saye but to[ see] and salute him. But by reason of a secreat motion which hath [bin] made by frindes heeretofore, for a matche betweene the Prince [and] the Lady Emilia de Nassau Co: Maurices sister, both by father a[nd] mother, it is supposed that his comming is chiefly for that. But fo[r ought] I can perceave, by talke with those that seeme to know yt, the Lady [hath] noe fancie to marye with any Germane. There are appoin[ted] from hence to goe into Scotland to the Baptisme of the Prince M[onsieur] Brederode the Elder, and Monsieur Valke of Zeeland. For that [your] L: maye desire to see a plotte of this siege I endevoured longe [agoe] to sette one a worke, but it was not possible with anie safetie [to the] workeman to doe yt, with anie perfitnes till our Artillerie was [thro-] ughly planted. Now the inclosed is sent unto me, which is [done] somewhat sleightly, and in a small roome, without any trimm[ing] for that the partie doth promise to send me a larger and exacter. Howbeyt he doth assure me that the juste distance betweene ou[r campe] and the Towne, the compasse, the entrenchement, and the leng[th of] the Towne with the forme of the Angels, portes and Bulwarkes, [together] with the fortes, waters wayes, and such other generall thing[s in ] that sorte as they present themselves towards our Campe, are se[tt down] in juste proportion, according to the scale of passes joyned to [it] accounting two foote to a passe. Although it be no dra[ught] to content your L: yet for that is the first that I have yet [seen] and is don by a skilfull person, who went it me hither in [a ruder] forme, I have caused it heere to be somewhat better draw[en] and I send it heerewith. And thus for this present [I take] my humble leave. From the Haghe July 10