Letter ID: 0031
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.141r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0031/008
Date: 06 June 1594
Note: This document is badly fire damaged.
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Later Addition: Belgia 1594 6 June Master Bodly to Sir Ro: Cecill

Maye it please your H. to be advertised that I receaved your lettres of the 24th of the laste, the second of this present, and a lettre thereinclosed from Her Highnes to the states, which I delyvered unto them the next daye after, and they promised to aunswere, when according to their custome, they shall have taken some tyme to deliberate upon yt,

Howe they have agreed to satisfie her Majestie for the points of my Instructions, I have formerly signified to my L. Treasurer and sent theyr owne lettre to the self same effect; having noe other cause to remayne at the Hage, but only to attend her Highnes further pleasure. In the meane whyle, I doe not cease to sollicitt the chiefest of the Deputies, both to call upon the Provinces, to arme as many shippes as conveniently they maye and to returne their aunsweare hether, assoone as is possible.

I have allso written to Co. Maurice to the very same purpose, and requested Sir Francis Vere to urge hym to yt very earnestly.

I am informed at this instant, that there are Hoyes sente to Flushing for embarking the companies, for which I thinke it very requisite to calle for those supplies, which they have pro- mised here and will perfourme, I doe not doubt, assoone as shall be needfull. Although I knowe that Master Gilpin doth keepe his course in reporting all other occurrences, yet unwilling that my lettre should come emptie to your H: I can not but advertyse, that here is very great hope of the taking of Groeninghen, partly by reason they are devyded amonge them- selves, and partly for that they can hardly be relieved with fur- ther succors from the Enemie, by meanes of our forces which lye upon the passages; Nevertheles they doe not shewe any token in the course of their defence, that they will geve yt over hastely. For they shoote very thicke, and make many salies and put us often to the worse, and in that respect the Englishe have had theyr parte aswell as others, besydes that many fall sicke of the companies lastly levyed. We have certayne intelligence that the D. du Mayne having been at Bruxelles with Ernestus for twoe or three dayes is departed from thence with lettres of Exchange for 80000 Ducates, and with assurance by promis to be further assisted, both with horse and foote, which are gathering in great numbers with all Expedition. Verdugo as we heare hath sent already in France 700 horse, in liew of which fol.141v
it should seeme by lettres from Andwerpe, Ernestus is mynded [to] send his Spaniards into Friselande, which is also thought the r[ather] for that the Spaniards are not welcome to the Co. Charles Mans[felt.]

The Count it is written having left La Chappelle, is [come] as farre as Guyse, and advaunceth his armie toward the [King,] who we saye at this present besiegeth Laon, and is soe farre [enga-] ged, as he cannot with his honor but attend the others comming which hath raised here with us a great expectation of the [event] of theyr meeting. In Effect this is all that of the [speeches] here with us, I fynde worthe the wryting: for which I take my humble leave. From the Hage. June 6 1594 Your H. at Commaundement Tho: Bodley