Letter ID: 0434
Reference: TNA, SP 84/46/86 f.83r-84v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0434/008
Date: 07 April 1593
Copies: 0023 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley, Lord highe Treasuror of England.

Endorsed: 7 Aprill 1593 Master Bodeley from the Hagh to my L.

Later Addition: 7 April 93

May it please your good L. That whiche I have advertised in former lres, as touching an inten- ded matche, between the Count Palatin of e Rhine, and the lady Louise eldest daughter of the Prince of Orenge, by his wife of the house of Bourbon, hath bin signified unto me, by the Princesse of Orenge: who purposeth by lettre, to impart the same unto her Majestie and to request her approbation. Which she could not doe before, because, as she saieth, it hath bin hitherto but in speeche, and is not throughly yet accorded. But nowe that the lady is ready to depart, with her Aunte the Countesse of Swartsenbourgh, she hath thought it expedient, to write unto her Highnes. It is meant that she shall rest for a while at Dillenbourgh not farre from Collen, which is the castell of Count John de Nassau, where the Palsgrave hath appointed, to come secretly to see her. Monsieur de St Aldegonde is desired to go with her, to see to the passing of covenantes, before the mariage be concluded: and many men suppose, that the Palsgrave will intertene him for a Counsailor.

Heere are lettres intercepted, which were going from Groeninghen to Brussels, by which it should seeme, that those Groeninghen stand upon desperat termes. Because one of their lettres, to the old count Mansfeld, doth contene the effect of all the rest, I have sent the copie heerinclosed. Howbeit we have divers fol.83v
from Verdugo, and some others, in Cipher, which when they be deciphred, if there be any mater, It shall be presently advertised. Count William is ready with towardes 3000 men, to undertake the building of a fort, upon the onely passage which is left to those of Groeninghen, to convoy their victuall and other provisions, and lieth betweene them and Lin- ghen, a towne in Westphalia, upon the river of the Ems, Southest from Groeninghen, and in the Countie of Benthem. It is purposed that the fort shall be built about Wedde, which is in a maner the midde way betweene Groeninghen and Linghen. But we have newes at this instant out of Guelders, that the Enemie marcheth towardes Frise, with 3000 horse and foote, to succor Groeninghen: which most men thinke they will be able, if they come in any time. The workes before Gertru- denbergh were in a very great forwardnesse, and finished in a maner, untill that five daies agoe, by reason of some raine, and a Northwest winde, the rivers in those quarters grewe to suche a hieght as their trenches and approches were soddainly over- flowen, and divers of the souldiers partly drowned in the place, and partly slaine by the Enemie, who issued out at the same instant, but was speedely repulsed by Count Hohenlo, who charged them in person very valiantly, and was stricken presently with a bullet in the fore part of his gorget, but, as it is thought, without any danger, albeit it hath brused fol.84r
him muche. This soddaine accident hath bin an exceeding great hindrance to all the workes, and requireth time, to be repared. Howbeit the armie is so strongly entrenched, as they neither stand in feare of the force of the Enemie (which they say is in preparing) nor make any doubt of taking the towne. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. April 7 1593. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley

Postscript: At the closing heereof I receaved your L. lettres sent unto me by Sir Francis Vere from Middelbourgh, from whens he was then going to the Campe to Count Maurice, and intended upon it to come presently hither. Upon the first conference that I shall have with him, I will immediatly returne mine answear.