Letter ID: 0022
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D X f.49r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0022/008
Date: 07 April 1593
Copy of: 0435



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer April 7 1593.



Later Addition: 1593 7 Aprill To my L. Treasurer

May it &c. I have sent yow heereincl[osed a] most raling and impudent libell agains[t her] Majestie, your L. and the state at home in g[eneral] It was sent from Collen /Liege/ to Master Buzenval, [who] delivered it to me. But of the autor and [the] place in which it was printed there was noth[ing] written to him. Howbeit I am told of a lett[er] wherin it is signified to a gentleman heere, [that] it was printed in Collen /by order of the Popes Nuntio/ and made by Car[dinal] Allen, and that many ar sent to Frankf[ord] Mart. I knowe your L. will read it [with] that contempt that it deserveth, as every goo[d] man wheresoever will repute it an infalli[ble] argument that he against whome the En[emie] spurneth most, is he by whose endevors, the[y are] most impeached in their actions. An[d in] that respect the more that they doe malic[e your] L. proceedinges, the more we ar assured [that] the causes of the Churche of God, an[d the] affaire of her Majestie are prosperosly man[aged] which God graunt yow may continue for m[any] yeres heerafter, with like successe as heere[tofore.] And so &c. Hage. 7 April 159[3]