Letter ID: 1421
Reference: Kent U1475, C18/26 fol.280r-281v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1421/008
Date: 23 August 1592



Addressed: A Monsieur Monsieur Sidney chevalier et Gouverneur de la ville de Vlissingnes Vlissingnes

Endorsed: 23 August 1592. From Master Bandley



Later Addition: Sir Thomas Bodley to Sir Robert Sydney

I doe assure your L. this mater of withdrawing the companies from hens doth move this people not a litle. But to say the very truth, they have no suche occasion, as they doe pretend. For the troupes of Count Philip, which are lately returned, and the levie of Juliers, which are come a great part to sheremberg already, will amount to a great nomber, /nomber/ then all the Englishe that are sent for. For mine owne part, /part/ what with delivering her Majesties messages, reporting againe their asweares, and replieng cotinually with other thinges appertinent, both my head and my handes have every day their fill. When the companies are departed, I have had so many promises to be revoked from hens, the time of my im- ploiment hath bin so long in this service, and I have notified so plainely the necessitie of my state, as then, me thinkes, I should not doubt of some present /present/ parfourmance. But if it should not so happen, I must addresse my self parforce /perforce/ with some greater i/m/portunitie to her Majestie and the LL. /Lords./ If my house in London /in London/ had bin voide, it had bin for your L /Lordship/ and for no man so soone. But truly my state is so mightily disordered, as I can lette it goe not longer, but that ether I or my wife must be alwaies at home, and that will cause her to remaine, till I doe returne fol.280v
And then I purpose, God willing to passe by your government, not to be requited for any cheere /cheere/ that I have made yow (for yow knowe I nether did it, and I am not in place) but to see your L. and my Lady, and the pace of yor charge, /Charge/ and to knowe in what sort I may further your desiers in my speeches with her Majestie which I pray yow be persuaded, that I will frame to doe yow honor, and to give yow good content in all that I am able. It is five daies agoe, sins I heard from the campe, that I can write yow very litle, to be accounted worth the writing. As then the Count was in hope, to dispatche his maters quickly: howbeit if the Enemie be approched with suche forces, as is said to witte 20 ensignes of Spaniardes, 16 of Dutche, and 6 of Wallons /Wallons/, it /may/ happen to cost us broaken headdes. I thinke with the Englishe, there are at the campe, and neere unto the campe, /Campe/ to give assistance at a pinche, at the lest 8000 foote, besides the horsmen. Having no other mater, that is unknowen unto yow, I bidde your L. for this present /present/ most hartely farewell. At the Hage August 23 1592. Your L. most affectionat at commaundement Tho. Bodley