Letter ID: 1178
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.279r-280v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1178/008
Date: 22 August 1592
Note: There is an initial signature at the bottom edge of f.279r, and a large seal still present.
Copy of: 0653



Endorsed: from the queen majestie the 22 of auguste 1592

Addressed: To our trusty and welbelovid Thomas Bodley Esquire our Counsellor of the Counsell of State in the United Provinces in the Lowe Countries



Later Addition: 1592 22 August To Master Bodly

By the Queene:

Sign Manual: Elizabeth R

Trusty and welbelovid we greet you well. Wheras by our lettres of the first of Julie, we did geve you knowledge, of our Resolucion, for the putting in order of certaine nombers in our paie in those Contries, to be in a readines for their marching to the Sea side, and from thence to be transported into France, to the service of the Frenche Kinge: and that you shold enforme both the States generall, and Counsell there, of this our determinacion, and of the reasons that moved us therunto, which might also move them, not onlie to allowe therof, but to yeld the like Ayde on their part, to the Frenche Kinge, against the common Enemie; And at the same time also, we did will you to enforme Sir Frauncis Veere, and Sir Thomas Morgan, out of whose charges, the greatest nombers shold be drawen, to put the said nombers to be in readines untill the time we shold signifie our pleasure for their marching to the Sea side, and transpor- tation into France. Since the receipt of which our lettres, we have by divers of yours for answere therunto, perceived in what sort you did impart this our resolucion to the States generall, finding them more unwilling to allowe of this our intencion, then we thought either they wold, or in reason they ought to have ben, and notwithstanding that they have by lettres of theirs of the fiftenth of Julie, in somme part expressed their misliking, yet we doubt not but by our lettres of the xxiijth of Julie unto them, and by other our lettres of the xxviijth reiterating the just reasons that have moved us therunto, and our full answers made unto their pretences, and nowe of late also, by our verball resolucion delivered /to/ their Agent Monsieur de Caron, with the continuall necessitie of the French Kinge urging us for the publicque weale, and as the cause nowe standeth even for Christendome they having allowed of our resolucion, will willinglie geve their furtheraunce to this our purpose. And therfore nowe that we have uppon intelligence of the French Kinges estate and his great necessitie, made full determinacion to send our said forces according to our said lettres, without anie maner of delaie, as in like maner also, we do send, other our forces out of this our Realme, into Britaigne, at this present. We will you, as holding the place of our Counsellor in that State there, that you impart this /our/ present determinacion to the States, and that also you geve knowledge, and commaundement in our name, both to Sir Frauncis Veere, and Sir Thomas Morgan, to whom you shall impart theis our lettres which we doubt not, but that they will dutifullie see on their partes performed, as in like sorte we looke that all other our governors, and Captaines under /our/ paie, will do the like, and so with all speed, cause the nombers appointed, by former lettres and directions from our Counsell, in our name sent to you, to marche onwarde without anie delaie to the Seaside to Flushing, there to be imbarqued, to passe into France with their whole nombers, limitting unto them, the shortest daie you can appoint, for the more hastie expedicion by the advise of the said Sir Frauncis Veere, and Sir Thomas Morgan, for their repaire to the seaside, where order is allreadie geven to have shipping for them, and to make paiment to them according to the nombers, that shalbe readie there to be imbarqued, and that shall imbarque. But yet nevertheles uppon somme reportes made unto us, of somme preparacions in Flaunders, nere to Ostend, yelding somme suspicion of evell purpose against that Towne, we thinke it good to spare the sending of anie of the nombers, which were appointed to be sent from Ostend, wherof mention was made to you before in the Articles sent from our Counsell the seconde of Julie, whom we wold have now forborne, to be sent at this present into France, but rather to be presentlie directed to Ostend, there to serve, and Captaine Lambert, and Buck to repaire also to Ostend, where we wold have you, to move the States verie urgentlie, to send somme further nombers of theirs thether, either strengthening the Towne with more nombers, to divert the purpose of th'Ennemye, or by reinforcing of the Towne, to withstand their Enterprise, which we wold have you fol.279v
diligentlie and earnestlie to presse the States unto, and namelie to cause somme shipping to be sent to that Coaste, for defence of anie enterprise against the Haven of that Towne. All which we hope the States will earnestlie regard, considering the towne is theirs, and our forces there by us maynetained, only for the defence of the same their towne, and not for anie perticuler interest to our selves. We wold have you also renewe to the States, A purpose offered to arme certaine Shippes of Warre, to serve on the Coast of Bretaigne, against the Spaniardes, which if they shall performe, we also will employe somme good Forces of ours, by Sea, to empeache the Spaniardes enterprises: In which matter we require you to use all expedicion both for their answere, and for their purpose, howe and when, they will take this enterprise in hande and therof we require you to advertise us with speed. Our further pleasure is that you shall geve commaundement in our name to Sir Thomas Morgan that wheras there are eightene Cannoneirs there in our paie emongest out footemen which have an overpaie of enterteynment, that the said xviijten Cannoneirs be sent awaie as percell of those nombers, that shall goe our of that Garrison, who shalbe continued in like wages and paie in Fraunce as they be there in Berghen - And because it may be objected that if they shold be sent awaie, there wold lack Cannoneirs for the States Ordenaunce in Berghen you shall presentlie move the States therin, that they may send others to supplie those places if there be not sufficient there allreadie, and herof ye shall also advertise Sir Thomas Morgan. Of theis our directions that concerne Sir Thomas Morgan you shall do well presentlie to advertise him by extracting the same out of this our lettre to you, which shalbe your sufficient warraunt and discharge in that behalfe. Geven under our Signet at Alldermerston the xxijth daie of August 1592 In the xxxiiijth yere of our Raign: