Letter ID: 0653
Reference: Hatfield, MS 21/63 f.63r-64v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0653/008
Date: 21 August 1592
Note: The text of the final paragraph is smaller than the rest of the document. The annotations are by Burghley.
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Trustie and welbeloved &c. Wheare [we did by] owr lettres of the first of Julie /we did/ geve yowe knowledge of owr Resolucion for the putting in order of certaine nombers in our paie in thos Cuntries to be in a readines for theire marchinge to the sea side, and from theire to be transported into France to the service of the French Kinge. and that yowe showld informe both the States generall and Counsell theare of this owr determinacon, and of the great reasons that moved us theareunto, and which might also move them not onelie to allowe thereof, but to yeld the like aide on their part to the Frenche K. againste the Common Ennemie: and at the same time also wee did will yow to informe Sir Francis Veere and Sir Thomas Morgan, owt of whose charges the greatest nombers showld be drawen, to put the said nombers /to be/ in readines untill the time wee showld signifie owr plesure, for therie marching to the sea side, and transportacion into France, Since the receipt of which owr lettres, yowe wee have by divers of yowrs for aunnsweare theareunto, perceived in what sort yowe did impart this owr Resolucion to the States generall, finding them more unwilling to allowe of this owr intencion, than wee thowght either theie would, or in reason theie owght to have been, but wee dowte not but and notwithstanding that they have by lettres of theirs of the xvth of Julie in sum part expressed fol.63v
theire mislikinge, yet wee dowbt not, but by owr lettres of the 23 of Julie unto them, and by other owr lettres of the 28th reiter[ating] the just reasons that have moved us theareunto, and the /our/ full aunsweares made unto theire pretences, and nowe of late also by owr verball resolucion delivered to theire Agent monsieur lee Caronn with the continuall necessitie of the French K. urging us for the publicque weale, and as the cawse nowe standeth even for Christendome, but ther theie /have allowed of our resolution/ will willinglie geve theire allowance and furtherance to this owr purpose: And therefore nowe that wee have uppon intelligence of the French K. estate and his great necessitie made full determinacion to send owr said forces according to owr said lettres, withowt anie manner of delaye, as in like /maner/ also [we] wee doe send other forces owt of this owr Realme /into Brytany./ at this present, wee will yowe, as holding the place of owr Counsellor in that Estate there, that /yow impart this our present determination to the States and tht also/ yowe geve knowledge & Commaundment /in our name/ both to Sir Francis Veere, and to Sir Thomas Morgan /to whom yow shall impart these our lettres, which we dout /not/ but they will dutefully se on ther partes proformed as in lyk sort we look tht/ and [.] all other owr Gouvernors, and Capteines under owr pay /will do the lyk and so/ that theie doe with all speed Cawse the nombers appointed be former lettres & direccion of owr Counsell in owr name /sent to yow/, to marche onward without any delaye to the Sea side to Flusshing, theare to be in barqued to passe into France with their whole nombers limiting /to them/ the shortest daie yowe can appoint /for the more hasty expedition/ by the advise of the fol.64r
said Sir Francis Veere and Sir Thomas Morgan for theire repaire [[to]] the Sea side wheare order is already geven to have shippinge for them, and to make paiment unto them, according to the nombers that shall be readie /ther/ to be imbarqued: /and tht shall embarque/ but yet nevertheles uppon sum reportes made unto us of summ preparacions in Flanders neare to Ostend, yelding sum suspecion of evell purpose against that towne, wee thinke yt good to spare the sending of anie of the nombers [[which]] /war apoynted to be sent from Oostend/ that did belonge to Ostend, /wherof mention was made to yow befor in the articles sent from our Consell the 2 of Julie/ thowgh they weare of late absent in service with the States at their Campe at Stenwick whome we would have /now/ forborne to be sent at this present into France, but rather to be presentlie directed to Ostend theire to serrve, /and Capt Lambt and Buck to repayre also to ostend/ whear wee would have yowe to move the Estates veary urgently to send sum furder nombers of theirs thither, either /by strengthening of the town with mor nombers/ to divert the purpose of the Ennemie, or by renforsing of the town to withstand their Enterprise, which we would have yowe diligently and earnestly to presse the States unto, /and namely to cause some shippyng to be sent to tht Cost, for defence of anie/ /enterprisse ageynst the haven of tht town all which we hope the states will ernestly regard consider/ considering the towne is theirs, and owr forces there by us mainteined, onely for the defence of the same theire towne, and not for any particuler, interest to owr selves fol.64v
we wold have yow also, to renew to the states a purpose offred to yow, to arm certen shippes of war, to serve on the Cost of brytany ageynest the Spanyardes, which if they shall parform we also will employe some good forces of ours by sea, to impeache the spanyardes enterprisses. In which matter we require yow to use all expedition for both for ther answer, and for ther purpose how and when they wil tak this enterprisse in hand, and therfor we require yow to advertise us with spede

Our farder pleasure is, that yowe shall geve Commaundment in owr name to Sir Thomas Morgan that whereas theare are 18 Cannoniers there in owr paie emongest owr footemen which have an overpaie of Enterteinment, that the sayd 18. Cannoniers be sent awaie as [parcell] of thos nombers, that shall goe owt of that Garrison, whoe shall be continued in like wages & pay in France, as they be at this present theare [[in]] Berghen. And bicawse yt may be objected that if they showld [[be sent awaie]] theare would lack Cannoniers for the states [[ordenance in Berghen]], yowe shall presently move the states theare[[in that they may]] send [[others]] to supplie thos places. if ther be not suffecient [[theare]] already [[and]] hereof yow shall also advertise Sir Thomas Morgan. Of thes owr [[directions]] that concerne Sir Thomas Morgan yowe shall doe well presently to advertize him by extracting the same owt of this owr lettre to yow