Letter ID: 1151
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.224r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1151/008
Date: 25 June 1592
Note: On fol.224r there is the signature 'H'.
Copy of: 0396


May it please your good L. Heere are certaine Ambassadors come newly to the Hage from the Elector Palatin, to witte the Baron of Winningbergh and his sonne, and one Monsieur Durant a Frenche man and a secretary to the Elector. They have already had accesse to the General states: and their message contened these principal pointes. A gratulation unto them for the good successe that they have had, in the administracion of their gouvernment. A remonstrance of the losses, that the Elector hath sustened by the death of D. Cassimir. The maner of his comming to take possession of his contreis: wherin he pleadeth for himself, that by an ancient privilege of all his predecessors, he was out of his wardshippe at 8 yeres of age: although that Bulla aurea doe appoint him a gardian till the age of 25. A declaration of the trou- bles unto which he is brought by the violent intrusion of the D. of Simeren his grand Uncle. His complaint unto the Emperor, for redresse of those wronges. The Empe- rors refusall to shew him any favor. The intercession of certaine Princes, to make an appointment between him and his Uncle. The doubt that he conceaveth that their endevors will be frustrat. A specification of divers in- conveniences, that are likely to ensue if he should be overborne by the might of his enemies: wherin not onely he himself and the cause of religion with the Princes of Germany but the state of these contreis, and the French Kinges affaires will be greatly prejudiced. Lastly his intention to stand in defence of the right of his cause: wherto he made request, if his enemies would oppresse him, to be assisted from hens with men and mony. This is the summe as I am informed of all that they proposed. And because there can be noe answear delivered heere unto them till every several Province hath considered of the mater, they doe therefore determine to fol.224v

Endorsed: To [[.]] June 20 1592

goe presently for England, and returning backe againe, to ta[[ke]] answear of the states. For as farre as I perceave by their [[.]] speeches unto me, they are chiefly sent unto her Majestie to nego[[tiate]] in effect the same as they doe heere: and to make restitution [[.]] the garter of D. Cassimir, and of the booke of statutes app[[er]] taining to the order. It is resolved by the states upon the [[.]] instaunt intreatie of the Captaines and Commaunders of the [[.]] forces in France, that they shall be revoked. For it seemes tha[[t]] they are not 500 in number: which doe greatly complaine of all maner of wantes: and Count Philip of their fewenes for which he thinkes it no honor, to be there any longer. How be it it is permitted to the Kinge, if his neede so require, [[to]] retene a convenient number, to be placed in garrison, in so[[me]] good towne of Normandie. &c. June 25.