Letter ID: 1144
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.208r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1144/008
Date: 17 May 1592
Copy of: 0392


Endorsed: to my L. Tresurerr 17 May 1592


May it please your L. Count Maurice, it is thoug[ht hath] already inclosed the towne of Steenwicke: and beginnes [there] uppon to make his approches. The Councel of Est[ate] goeth thither wardes to morrowe, with purpose to contin[ue] for the [time] of that service. But the general ass[embly] of the states of every province doth remaine at the H[age] albeit for some fortnight their meeting is differred. D[uring] which time, and untill I am advertised of her Highnes [plea-] sure, as touching that which I proposed upon the motion of [the] states for the Enterprise of Britaine, I will be alwai[es] with the Councel: but to returne againe hither, when [your] L. letter comes unto me, to negotiat with the states. Heere is a gentleman of Juliers, that maketh an offer [to] this contrey, to be readye to serve where they will [.] appoint, with 2000 foote, to be raised in the land of C[leve] and Juliers, and to come unto them upon 6 weekes w[arning] to be so intertened from 3 moneths to 3 monethes, up[on] the receat of half pay, till their service be required. The states have concluded to accept of this offer, an[d] to reserve the imploiement of the men, till they knowe what her Majestie will determine for Britaine, or till p[erhaps] they shall have neede, through the Ennemies attemp[ts] while their forces are at Steenwicke, to defend som[e other] place, in some part of these Provinces. The[re have] not passed as yet any perfect contract, betwe[en the] states and the gentleman, by reason of certaine m[ony whiche] the partie demaundeth to be paied before hand, [and the] states will not graunt: howbeit we are alwaie[s in] hope, that they will come to a good agreement. [The] practise upon Enchusen, wherof I writte in a form[er is] delaied by the Ennemie, but we knowe not yet the [reason] In the cause of the company of the Marchants Adven[turers] there hath bin heere a meeting of Deputies on both s[ides who] are well agreed upon divers pointes: but the cheife[st are] referred by mutual consent to the ordering of th[e states] who have taken further time. In the meane while the[re is a kinde] of contentment given to them all and their trafficke is f[ree, as it] was before. May 17 1592.