Letter ID: 1142
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.206r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1142/008
Date: 09 May 1592
Note: The wax seal is still present. Fire damage obscures some of the text. There is a signature 'Y' on the middle of the lower edge of f.206r.
Copy of: 0391



Later Addition: [.] May [.] Master Bodly

Sign Manual: Elizabeth

Trusty and welbeloved we greete youe well. Wheras we have presently written to the States, renewing our former advise and requeste to have them to send some furder succors of 3 or 4000 footemen to the present ayde of the French King, and also have lett them understand our owne resolucion to send 2000 footemen, and 100 horsmen to be taken of our forces remayning there in those Lowe Contries: all which, as we doubte not but youe will according to the tenor of our lettres nowe sent to the States, wherof our Treasorer will send youe a copie, further the same to your uttermoste: Yet fynding by your latest lettres of the first of this moneth sent to our Sayd Thresorer emongst other thinges, some doubtfulnes of the perfourmance of that our requeste, and of the French Kinges requeste also, the rather by the coldnes of Bousenval; we therfore doe [.] requier youe to deale, againe, both with the Generall States, and the Counsell, and with Counte Maurice, also, to expedite the pointe of service in releeving of the French King (at this moste necessarie tyme, a matter more to pourpose to reduce th'Ennemy to his finall ruine, then to take or surprize 4 or 5 Townes, which as they may, percase be taken nowe in th'absence of th'Ennemy, yet yf he shall prosper in Fraunce, and retourne to the Lowe Contreys, will be hardly kept from recoverie but with loss percase of as many more. And upon this reason, and the lyke wherof there are many) we requier youe to use all your power in moving and perswading them to yealde thereto with speede: and to presse the Counte Maurice both with the lyke reasons, and with the consideracion of that part of our lettres to him which we wrote with our owne hand.

Youe shall also lett Borzenval understand, howe earnestly the french King hathe written to us, for this ayde to be given to him, which we fynde so needfull at this tyme, as we have yealded also to ayde him with 2000 of our footemen thence, and 100 horsse, having a mynd to have yealded him more, yf conveniently they might have ben spared. And fol.206v
And, for th'expectacion /pedicion/ of sending of our succours, synce our det[[.]] therof made, we fynde some doubte of delaye therof, by reason, [[.]] are infourmed by him that brought your Last lettres, that he thinketh [[.]] are two Companies gon from Ostend towardes the States Campe, f[[.]] we determined that one Companie should nowe have gon: and that [[.]] Companies are gon from Berghen with one band of footemen, from wh[[.]] we have commaunded that six Companies of Foote, and one of hors[[.]] should also be sent; and therfore we requier youe to procure from [[.]] States or the Counsell, that theise nombres may be retourned from [[.]] Campe to be employed in this service of Fraunce, and that the States [[.]] also cause supply to be made at Berghen, as a Towne in their p[[.]] goverment, during th'absence of the sayd Companies: and also that [[.]] procure /that/ the Companies required from Sir Fraunces Vere, be permit[[.]] be employed in this service for Fraunce, Wherin youe doe well k[[now .]] that expedicion to have theise succours sent in tyme, is of more [[.]] then to send treble theise forces when tyme shalbe paste. [[.]] Under our Signett at our Mannor of Grenwich the ixth of [Ap.] 1592 in the xxxiiijth yeare of our raign