Letter ID: 1135
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.182r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1135/008
Date: 26 April 1592
Note: On fol.182r the signature 'S' is expunged and replaced by 'T'.
Copy of: 0390



Later Addition: [[To my L. T]]reasurer

May it please your good L: heerinclosed ys a letter from the States unto her Majesty which ys their answere to a matter proposed long ago but by reason of theyr recesse & pretence of many letts not resolved on till now. It concerneth theyr commerce & trade with the Ennemy, which is defended with such reasons as theyr lettre doth alleage. but they tell mee more in private that yt is not possible for them to draw this people to better termes, [were] the matter of that quality as to set an other course mighte depend altogether upon theyr resolution, that sit for the states, there might be hope of some redresse to her Highnes contentation. For I see that there are divers that would willingly do somewhat to reforme those abuses. But in thinges appartaining to the traffique of the Contrey, they are tied to such instructions as the marchantes list to give, from which they may not vary without spetiall commission. I have labored very earnestly to get a favorable answere to the suit of my L. Willughby: but though they speak a litell fairer then they have don heertofore, they conclud upon nothing for my L. satisfaction. Because they write theyr owne excuses in a lettre to her Majesty I will not trouble your L. with an other rehersall. They have sent theyr lettre to be delivered by theyr Agent Master Caron, for that I think he hath somewhat to say by word of mouthe. By moving them often in the marchantes affaires I have so much obtened, as now they have resolved to put it to committees to be chosen on both sides, who, I trust, will make an end by some muttual relenting. But where the marchantes do desire a surcease of theyr Placcart, & a liberty of traffique, to that they will not yeeld. For that they say the Committees, if they list to be tractable may compound any matter within 2 or 3 meetinges. I have written this at large to the company residing at Midelborowgh. & so I take my humble leave. From the Haghe. April 26 1592.

Postscript: There ys brought unto me now at the closing of this lettre & this bearers departure her Majesties lettre to e States & an other to Count Maurice with one from your L. to my self bearing date fol.182v
the 17th of this present. I will send the answere [.] States assoone as I receave yt. But your L. [can] conjecture how soone it may be gotten consydering [.] the lettres do require furder succors to be sent into [France] and were written by her Majesty when the King was dis[.] wheras now the occurrence goeth that he hath [streightened] the Ennemy. For which I do assure my self, [.] till they heare how the K. hath spedd in the [encounter] which they are parswaded ys presently towardes, they will [.] answere to nothing.