Letter ID: 0390
Reference: TNA, SP 84/44/268 f.271r-272v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0390/008
Date: 26 April 1592
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Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 26 April 1592. Master Bodeleie to my L. The States lettre to hir Majestie, towchinge their trade with the Enemy. L. Willowghbies demaundes. The merchantes adventurers cawse.

Later Addition: 26 April 92


May it please your good L. Heere inclosed is a letter from the states unto her Majestie whiche is their answear to a mater proposed long a goe, but by reason of their Recesse, and pretense of many lettes, not resolved on till nowe. It concerneth their Commerce and trade with the Enemie, which is de- fended with suche reasons, as their letter doth alleage: but they tell me more in privat, that it is not possi- ble for them, to drawe this people to better termes. Were the mater of that qualitie, as to sette an other course, might depend altogether upon their resolu- tion, that sitte for the states, there might be hope of some redresse to her Highnes contentacion. For I see there are divers, that would willingly doe somwhat, to reforme those abuses. But in thinges apperte- ning to the trafficke of the contrey, they are tied to suche instructions, as the marchants list to give, from which they may not varie, without special com- mission. I have laboured very ear- nestly, to gette a favorable answear to the suite of my L. Willughby: but though they speake a litle fairer, then they have done heeretofore, they con- clude upon nothing for my L. satisfaction. Be- cause they write their owne excuses, in a letter to her Majestie I will not trouble your L. with an other rehersall. They have sent their letter to be delivered, by their Agent Master Caron, for that I thinke he hath somwhat to say by worde of mouth.

By moving them often in the Marchants affaires, I have so muche obtened, as nowe they have resolved, to putte it to Committies, to be chosen on bothe sides, who, I trust, will make an ende, by some mutual relenting. But where the Marchants doe desire a surseance of their Placcart, and a libertie of trafficke fol.271v
to that they will not yelde: for that they say the Committies, if they list to be tractable, may com- pound any mater within two or three meetinges. I have written this at large to the company of the Marchants residing at Middelbourgh. And so I take my humble leave. From the Hage. April 26 1592. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley

Postscript: I have sent my L. Willughby, by this bearer a transcript of that letter which the states have sent to Master Caron, to be delivered to her Majestie.

Postscript: There is brought unto me nowe, at the closing of this letter, and this bearers departure, her Majesties letter to the states, and an other to Count Mau- rice, with one from your L. to my self, bearing date the 17 of this present. I will send the Answear of the states, assoone as I receave it. But your L. will con- jecture howe soone it may be gotten, considering that the letters doe require further succors to be sent into France, and were written by her Majestie when the King was distressed: wheras nowe the occurrence goeth, that he hath streitned the Enemie. For which I doe as- sure my self, that till thei heare howe the Kinge hath spedde in that encounter, which they are persuaded is presently towardes, they will answear to nothing.