Letter ID: 1134
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.181r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1134/008
Date: 23 April 1592
Copy of: 0389



Later Addition: [[B]]elgia 1592 23 Aprill to my L Treasurer

May it please your good L. I have bin infor- med very lately by a friend of good credit and countenance, and one that doth assure me of the truth of his report, that within this moneth there came a secret messenger to Count Maurice, with a letter of credence from the D. of Parma. The party was knowen to the autor of this advertisment an Utrecht man borne, and very well quali- fied. Assoone as he came hither he addressed him- self to Master Sonsfielde, one that hath governed the Count in all his youth, and is continually neere about him: the self same party to whome Monsieur Bilandt, before his comming to the Hage, writte a letter of persuasion to move him to favor the mater of his message /pacification/. By this gentlemans meanes the Count was informed of the messengers comming and gave him leave to doe his message, but in the presence of some others, which were Monsieur de Fauma who is Governor of Hoesden, Master Barnevelt, and the said Master Sonsfilde. After that the messenger had exhibited his credence he saluted the Count in the name of the Duke, with very honorable com- plements, declaring his desire to advance his estate, and wishing therupon that he would harken to a Treaty: which in case he would admitte, and persuade the contrey to the like, suche conditions should be graunted as he himself would re- quire. For howsoever /although/ the King of Spaine might /should/ refuse to yelde unto them, he had waies enough to force him: which he should see him put in pra- tise. The Count would make no ans- ear to this message of the party, but dismissed him presently, and after some time of his aboade in this place gave him licence to be gone. He went from hens to Utrecht, where assoone as he arrived Master Barnevelt had written to the fol.181v
Officers of the towne, to examine him strictly about his co[[ming]] to that place. Howbeit with in a day or two after, he writt [[.]] againe to discharge him. This is all that the partie coulde [[tell]] me of this matter: which he assured me was true. But for [[any other]] other circumstaunce, wether there passed any more between [[the]] Duke and the Count ether after or before, he was utterly [[ignorant]] which I thought very fitte to advertise your L. and so I take [[my]] humble leave. April 23 1592