Letter ID: 1106
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D IX f.35r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1106/008
Date: 01 February 1592
Note: This document is badly fire damaged.
Copy of: 0378



Endorsed: To Sir Ed. Norris February 12 1591



Later Addition: Thomas Bodley to Sr Edward Norris

Sir, I was in good hope, to have [seen] your answear to my letter of the [15 of] December. Yow knowe in your own [discre] tion, I had reason to expect it: an[d I] thought that yow in courtesie, yow w[ould] somwhat content me. But seing it [is] otherwise, I trust yow doe consid[er] that your silence can not answear the [cause] of my complaint: I have mo[ved this] councelto that effect, as yow requ[est, that] some order may be taken, for the mo[nethlie] paiment of your intertenment, and [for] the arrerages. But their answear [and] your demaund are farr disagreeing. [For] /wheras/ yow doe require after 3li a [.] /day/ [their] allowance, they say is but 40li a mo[neth] as the summe is /expressely/ sett downe in your com[mission] Besides they doe insist, that the summe [that is] due for your intertenment is a very [small] parcel of that which is due from yow to [the countrey.] This is all the answear that I can g[et] at their handes: and I looke for no[ne other] to all your demaundes, till some [ready] satisfaction be made unto them. [For, to] tell yow more plainely /somwhat neerer/ howe they [are] affected, They doe repute themselves to [be a-] parantly deluded in all the lettres that [you] send, and that yow thinke by de[vices] to goe beyond them in your actions [which] they say they will reforme, /and/ which I do [signi] fie thus plainely, to the end yow ma[y] consider, both what opinion they conceave [of your] dealing, and what meanes yow ar to [use] to come in better favor. And so I lea[ve yow] and commend yow to Gods preserv[ation] February 1[2]