Letter ID: 0401
Reference: TNA, SP 84/45/77 f.75r-76v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0401/008
Date: 04 July 1592
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Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 4 Julij 1592 Master bodeley from the Hage./

Later Addition: 4 July 92


May it please your good L. with muche deba- ting and sending too and fro between the Campe and the Hage, it is finally concluded, that Count William with the forces of Frise, which I take to be 2500 and 10 other enseignes of footemen, 8 or 10 cornets of horse, and 14 peeces of batterie, shall ether take towardes Coevoerden in Drente, or make a roade to the uttermost part of Twente, which is the contrey next adjoining, and summon ether Oldenzeel, a garrison of the Enemie, in the confines of Twente, southerly from steenwicke, or the castell of Grolle, which is likewise a place in the Enemies possession, standing south from Zutphen 4 or 5 legues. It is referred to Count William, as Governor of Frise whom it most importeth, and to the Councel of estate, to take that course that they thinke fittest. The rest of the Army are left to Count Maurice conduction, to be im- ploied in excursions, while Count William is busied in the siege of the former places. How- beit heere is very litle hope, that ether of the Countes will be able by this meanes to perfourme any mater of speciall account. This is all that is conceaved, that their late good successe against the towne of steenwicke, with the like before, the last yere, and their constant proceeding in the most of their exploites, will amase the Enemie so muche as happely he will yelde for feare of the /like/ issue. But howsoever it shall happen, it is resolved heere among the states, that about the first of August the whole Army shall assemble fol.75v
in a litle iland by Bommel, and likewise that the forces which are expected out of Juliers, and their troupes out of France, shall come to the same place, to give a soddaine attempt upon the towne of Bolduke, which is a place of that importance, as your L. hath heard, and by secret intelligence, which some that are heere have had within the towne, may be gotten more easely, then most men would ima- gine. This purpose of the states is very secretly caried, and not imparted out of Councel.

For that the winde is at the Est, and puttes me out of hope of hearing shortly from your L. in her Majesties causes, and because the states are earnest with me, to be present at the campe with the Councel of estate, for the effecting of their de- signes, I will thitherwardes to morowe, and cer- tifie from thens, as occasions are presented. And so I take my humble leave. At the Hage. July 4 1592. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley