Letter ID: 0400
Reference: TNA, SP 84/45/59 f.59r-60v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0400/008
Date: 30 June 1592
Copy of: 0593



Endorsed: 30 Junij 1592 Memorial of her Majesties lettre to Master Bodeleie./

Later Addition: 1592 June. 30. Low Countries. Holland.



Endorsed: To Master bodeley

Wher we did in May last by our lettres signefy to yow our determination to have for the necessary service of the french Kyng in Normandy the nombre of ijM of our forces servyng in those Contres, at /to be sent into france sence/ which tyme we understood from yow tht the states Generall /declared to yow tht they/ had prepared an army to besege stenwyk and tht the /sayd States/ had also required to have the use of certen of ours /for the service/ so as untill the end of tht attempt, they cold not without ther great hynderence assent part willyngly assent to our request wherof we be advertised the french Kyng, assuryng hym /notwithstandyng/ to ayd hym with the sayd nombre or mo /hereafter/, as his nede shuld require /&/ as soon as this sege of stenwyck shuld be ended and now at this tyme, both as /the sayd Kes/ request is renewed to have of us no less than ijm foot men for britany, and tht we heare tht stenwyck is recovered /by the states by composition or otherwisse/ whereof we ar very glad, for which purpose besyde the succors tht otherwise he hath and shall have of us, we have determined presently to have the nombre of ijm v[c] men /of or forces in those contreys/ put in redynes, so as uppon or the next advertissment /to yow/ from us or from any of our Consell they may be redy to march to the seasyde at flushyngther to be shipped and transported and for this cause yow shall with all spede inform /both/ the states Generall hereof /and consell of estates/, and accordyng to a cedule herwith sent Conteanyng the Capt. and places from wher these nombres shall be had, yow shall inform both Sir francis vere and Sir Thomas Morgan respectyvely for ther campe fol.59v
to Cause the sayd nombres with Captayns nombres to be spedely put in redynes, and ther defectes supplyed as far furth as possible they may be and so to remayn in redynes untill the tyme we shall signefy our plesor, for ther marchyng [we] to the seasyde and so than to be transported in to france And though we thynk Sir Thomas Morgan will be unwillyng to defurnish tht town /of berghen/ of so gret nombres uppon pretence of weakening of tht town, therfor yow shall ernestly deale with the states General /and the Consell presently to provyde nombres/ to supply the nombres tht shall be had from thier, with the lyk or more nombres, tht which they may now redely doe, uppon the dissolvyng of ther army. This our determination we ar so resolved to have parformed, as yow shall admitt no excuse or delays ether by the states or by any our Captayns to the Contrary. and so we will yow to lett all partyes pretendyng any delay to understand. for we have allredy firmly by contract promised the partes to the french Kyng the parformance hereof

We thynck also tht the french K. expecteth lyk nombres to be yelded by the states to this service, for the which both buzenvall hath had Commission to obteyn the same, and Monsieur de Caron in Generall terms hath semed to assure us./

Wher we have receaved lettres from both the states both of Zelland and the Generall states, expressyng a grevouss complaynt made by certen Merchants of Trever, for a spoyle as they saye committed by certen english shippes neare the Cost of spain, as hertofor yow have bene by them informed, and have therof wrytten hyther fol.60r
we require yow to lett both the states, and namely them of Trever certenly understand tht we have sent a pyness after our shippes in whose Company ar the shippes [chardged] with this fact, with express commandment to se to all the Goodes taken tht they be preserved and brought saffly home, so as if uppon examination of the muster it shall appeare, tht the Godes taken ar belongyng to the Complaynantes and not to spanyardes or such as adher to spanyardes & collor ther goodes the same shall be fully restored with as strayt order of Justyce ageynst the takers as if the Goodes war belongyng to her Majesty her /our/ self. and therof we will have yow gyve good assurance to the Merchants of Trever