Letter ID: 1214
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.283r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1214/008
Date: 24 November 1591
Copy of: 1215



Later Addition: Belgia. 1591 24 November To my L Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591. November

May it please your good L. sins the writing of my letter of the 16 of this moneth, wherein I gave yow to understand of D. Cassimires message to some special persons in this place, about the mater of Pacification, there is nowe that letter come hi- ther, which, as then I advertised, was expected every day to the General states. Many men heere dislike it utterly, as if it were full of evident and inward tokens of his earnest incli- nation to second the Emperor: whereby they are persuaded that he is wonne unto it by a pension, or by somwhat in reward, wherein the Spaniard, it is thought, will use any practise to speede of his purpose. His letter was written in highe dutche, wherof I send yow the copie heer- inclosed, with the Frenche translation. It was delivered heere to some of Holland; of those that are deputed to open all suche letters, as are sent unto the states. Howbeit as yet they have ne- ther thought it expedient, to acquaint the Pro- vinces with it, nor to impart it with this Councel. It hath bin read but by some fewe, who are bent to suppresse it, and, for ought I can per- ceave, to make no answear at all. What course I shall folowe for mine owne endevors, while this mater is in motion, I attend to be instructed by your L. letters. For I knowe not well by your last your L. intent. It seemeth as if yow could have liked, that the states should have sent to have treated at Collen. But it can not be perfour- med, without the privitie and allowance, and some fol.283v

Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer November 24 1591.

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: November

special Commission from every Province in parti- cular. /All that I am affraid of is that if the generallitie/ And if once the vulgar people shall be /of this contrey should be brought unto a Treaty/ brought to a Treaty, it is greatly to be feared, that suche conditions may be embraced, upon some passion of the people, and by some practise of the Spaniard, as may prejudice greatly both themselves and their neighbors. Heere goeth a speeche, that the D. of Parma is returned from the frontiers of France to Brussels: as some men report, to conferre with the Emperors Ambassadors: but as other men affirme, upon intelligence receaved, that his government was conferred /bestowed/ upon the old Count Mansfeld. How- soever, it should seeme by all advertisments, that he is fallen in great disgrace with the Spanishe Kinge. If the comissary Sparhawke doe his diligence, /having had his dispatche the 22 of this moneth,/ I trust the companies required for the service of Rouen will be there, the winde serving, within these five or six daies /about the end of this moneth./