Letter ID: 1210
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.276r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1210/008
Date: 20 November 1591
Copy of: 0358



Later Addition: [Belgia] 1591 20 November To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia

May it please your L. to advertise her Majestie that after the receat of her Highnes letter of the 9 of this moneth, which was delivered unto me the 18 day in the afternoone, after conference had with Sir Francis Vere, about the meanes to accomplishe her Majesties pleasure, for the furtherance wherof he hath done his uttermost endevor, the next day in the mor- ning I presented her letters to suche of Holland as are deputed in the absence of the states, to receave all addresses. For the assembly it self of the Gene- ral statesis dissolved for a time, which they terme a Recesse, till the 10 of December, and every /Deputy/ departed to his special Province, leaving the charge of receaving and opening of suche letters, as are directed to the states to some certaine of Holland, whose autoritie doth not stretche to determine any mater, but onely to advertise and to make report unto the Provinces. Nevertheles in this recesse of the states being ear- nestly urged to shew her Majesties letters to the Councel of stateand to joine in consultation about some order to be taken for contenting of her Highnes they assembled yesternight in the college of the Councel where the letter being read, and so muche added by me, as I thought expedient to be spoken, it was the opinion of them all, that without the assent of their superiors, to witte of the Provinces, it was not in their power to accorde her Majesties demaund, Howbeit after long debating too and fro, it was resolved in the end, but with very muche a doe, that albeit they might not by any meanes licence these troupes which her Highnes required to be drawen from hens, for that it onely belonged to the generallitie of the contry, yet they would be contented to lett them passe by way of connivation /and sufferance/ as if it were onely done by us that are heer for her Majestie But this condition was annexed, that I should solemnely undertake that the troupes should be sent backe againe within the space of 3 monethes. This condition, I signified, was beyonde any charge that I had receaved onely this I was willed to promise unto fol.276v

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: November

them, and in her Majesties behalf I would assure that assoone as the service of Rouen and Newe havenis ended which in all probabilitie will be done in lesse /time/ then /time/ they had prescribed, ether the self same companies, or others in their places shall be presently returned. As also I supposed that those other Englishe forces, which were already come to Rouen, would all be revoked about a time, whereby they should receave these com panies againe with a rounde renforcement, and happely also some supplie for all the rest that are heere in her Majesties pay. Wherupon they condescended to her Majesties desire request. And this I thought meete with all possible speede to advertise her Highnes purpos/ing/ presently to joine with Sir Francis Vere for giving suche dir direction to the Commissary Sparhawke as there may not any time be lost for dis- patche of the souldiers. In this whole negotiation although her Majestie had willed me, in case they should refuse to assent to her demaund, that all endevor should be used to effect it without them, yet because I was not forced to signifie so muche, finding them ready to doe all that they cowld, I abstened from delivering that point of my charge. Moreover I made no motion unto them for sending any bandes of their owne forces, for that of themselves I knowe they will not, and if they would, they can not, without the licence of their Principals. Howbeyt for shipping for the river of Sene, the Mareschal of Biron hath written very often and earnestly unto them, and they have already alotted 6 good shippes for that purpose, which I thinke are prepared to sett forward to day. If [her] Majestie be desirous, to have these companies [complete] that goe from hens, it will be requisit [that] some 100 or more, be sent out of England [to Dieppe] For /heere/ I see no likelihoode, heere howe it can be [[.]] And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage November 20 1591.