Letter ID: 1205
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.271r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1205/008
Date: 11 November 1591
Note: On fol.271r there is the signature 'Y.Y.'
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Later Addition: xi November To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: November

May it please yor good L. I have sent you very lately the copies of all suche letters, as have passed between the states and the Emperors Commissio- ners. And since I have heard no more, but that whiche I writte the 6. of this moneth, that they had sent to the D. of Parma, for a convoy of 3 Cornets of horse, to conduct them to Brussels. As touching that treaty whiche is required by the Emperor, as I have alwaies writ- ten to yor L. if it be possible for me to see into the mindes and disposi- tions of the states, or of the Councel, or of any in general of the Commons of these Provinces, they have not only no affection to hearcken unto it, but they are passionatly bent to oppose against it. Only one thing, I doe see doth trouble them muche, howe to finde a fitte excuse, to stoppe the course of those Ambassadors for comming futher onward. For first they thinke they will pretend some other causes of their comming, all Ambassadors, iure gentium, ought to be admitted without any impeachmen[[t]] and thirdly there hath bin alwaies a freedome of entercourse, betweene the inhabitants heere and those of the Empire. So that if they be rejected it may put them heere in daunger of the Bande of the Empire: of wch me thinkes, they are affraide, in regard of their trafficke. I finde for these occasions that they stagger in their Counsails: for wch I have moved them of late, to adresse an other letter to the forsaide Commissioners, and besides their former allegations, to acquaint them wth the Contract (whiche hitherto they have not) between her Matie, and the Countrey, by whiche they do stipulat, not to deale wth the Spaniard, or wt any other Prince, by way of treaty or accord, without her Majesties assent. Withall to signifie unto them, that forasmuche as these Provinces are full of Martiall people of her Majesties subjectes, who are all of them bounde by their othe and allea- geance to maintaine and cause to be maintained every article of the Con- tract, by reason therof unles they come wt some warrant from her Matie of England, they cannot heere undertake to protect their persons from the violence and outrage of those of the Englishe nation. This was well enough liked by the Councel and Count Maurice, and thought a readye meanes to cutte them of from proceeding in their purposed voiage: and that without any prejudice to themselves or to the Countrey. Howbeit when the advise was required of the Deputies heere of the generaal states, they were lothe to hearcken to it: alleaginge nothing to the purpose, but that they woulde reserve that course of proceeding for a better opportunitie. But as farre as I can conjecture, they are inwardly affraid that if the Ambassadors ther upon should seeke unto her Matie they might finde their audience and accesse more easie and favorable, then they perhaps heere would willingly have it. For mine owne part, though I see they are Ennemies to the treaty of peace, yet fol.271v

Endorsed: To my L. Treasurer November 11 1591

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: November:

because I have not the best opinion of their Constantie, for withstanding their entrance, and because I thinke her Highnes is utterly against it, I have thoug[[ht]] upon a way, wch if yor Lo. shall approve, I would humbly desire that it might be imparted, and her Majesties pleasure declared unto me. It is a letter from my self to the Emperors Ambassadors, written to suche purpose, as I wished had bin done from the assembly of the states, but wt many more additions, and suche as are material to my understandinge: though it may not be so pleasing to the humor of this people for wch I have not shewed it heere to any. Nevertheles because there is nothing in it prejudicial unto them, and her Matie me thinkes, may be served by it, as yor L. shall direct me, I will ether send it, or supresse it: attend- ing from you in that behalfe yor speedy resolution. Hague November 1591.