Letter ID: 1093
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.266r-267v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1093/008
Date: 09 November 1591
Note: The unbound vertical edge of the paper has been singed and is missing some text. The remains of the large wax seal are still present. It appears that the superscription has been cut from the address leaf.
Copy of: 0306



Later Addition: Belgia 1591: November

Later Addition: 1591 9 November To Master Bodly

Sign Manual: Elizabeth R

Trusty and welbeloved we grete yow well We doubt not but it is well seene to yow or any others of judgment, how neadfull it is at this present for the French K to be succored nowe in the end of this yeare, espeti[[ally]] for the recovery of Roan and Newehaven, whereunto the French King is presently come: withall the forces that he can spare, Leaving the frontiers towardes the Duke of Parma, and Lorrayne reasonably garrisoned. An[d] for our part, as we have all this sommer given hym a great ayde un[[.]] the conduct of the Erl of Essex, who presently with suche power as he ha[[.]] hath approched the Siege of Roan. So perceiving a greate part of our troupes diminished by sicknes, and otherwayes, and that it is moste necessary to have the same supplied, with some more of our nation, which presently can not be done by newe levyes in our countrie, with such pede as is requisite: We have resolved to send for the nomber of 1000 of our Auxiliary forces there be chosen out and spedely sent by sea to Diep, as by our lettres presently sent [[to]] the states, we have signified our pleisure, requiring them to understand [[.]] pleisure from yow, as by the Coppie of the said lettres hearewith sent shall furth[[.]] appeare. And thoughe we hope for the great benefitt of this service and necessitie thereof, neither the Counsell of Estate, nor the states generall will make any difficulty. Yett if they should not readily yeld here [un[.]] and give yow all dyrections necessary for execution hereof. We will yow use all good arguments of reasons to perswade them hereunto, as am[[.]] others nowe may seme more to purpose, then to remember unto them, that [[.]] men may be spared now in the dead tyme of the yeare, considering the[[.]] can be no tyme to use them, abroad in the feild in any armye, but to [[.]] mitt them to lyve in garrisons. And if this, and such like reasons as yo[w] may use, may not prevayle: We will that yow shall peremptorily declare fol.266v
Belgia 1591: November unto them that we do not meane to be denyed of so reasonable a request as to have the service of our men, being in our pay, to serve at such place where we do fynd it in our wisedome and princely providence moste necessary. And nevertheless to their better contentation, yow may add, that we shalbe contented to retorne them, or the lyke nomber for them into those parts, after the service exploited at Roan and Newehaven. And because we meane not to have the auxiliary townes disfurnished, we have ordered (as by a memoriall herewith sent unto yow shall appeare) how we thinke those bandes may be best had: Wherein yow shall in our name, require Sir Frauncis vere, in respect of the companies that shalbe taken from his charge, and Sir Thomas Morgan in Berghen, and if nede be Sir Robert Sidney for Flusshinge, to give their aydes, and assistance withall diligence to the accomplisshing: and full furnishing of this present service: And howsoever yow shall fynd the states herein disposed. We will yow that by the dyrections of Sir Frauncis vere, Sir Robert Sidney, Sir Thomas Morgan (out of whose charges these nombers are to be Levyed) that this our commandement be fully obeyd, and all expedition used for the sending them away by Sea from Flusshing, to which place, we have sent some shipping, and waftage also by some of our owne shipps, for their safe conduction to Diep. If Buzenvall have any creditt there for the French K: yow may do well to procure hym to deale with the states, to lend the French K at this tyme some of their owne bandes, only for this Service of Roan, and also to reenforce their shipps of warre that are at Diep to enter into the ryver of Seyn therby to impeache any succors, from Newhaven to Roan, and to intercept any richess that in lykelyhood wilbe secretly sent, and stolne out of Roan, during the Seige, Given at our Mannor of Richmond the ixth of Novembre 1591