Letter ID: 0306
Reference: TNA, SP 84/42/85 f.85r-86v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0306/008
Date: May 1591
Note: The intralinear annotations and final page are in Lord Burghley's hand.
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Later Addition: 1591 May. United Provinces

Endorsed: Memorial to Master Bodeley May 1591


Trusty &c. Wee dowbt not but yt is [well seen] to youe, toe anie others of Judgement, howe neadefull yt is at this present for the Frenche Kinge to be succored nowe in the ende of this yeare, spetiallye for the recoverye of Roan & New haven whereunto the French K. is presently comen, with all the forces that he can spare, leaving his Frontiers towardes the D. of Parma and Lorreine reasonablye Garrisoned and for owr part as wee have all this sommer geven him a great aide under the Conduct of the Erle of Essex, whoe presentlye with suche power as he hath hath approched the siege of Roan: soe perceving a great part of owr trowpes diminished by sicknes and otherwaies, and that yt is most necessary to have the same supplied withith summ more of owr Nation, which presentlie cannot be done by newe levies in our Cuntrie, with such speed as is requisite, wee have resolved to send for the nombre of 1000. of our Auxilearie Companies there to be chosen owt and speedelye sent by Sea to Diepe, as by owr letters presentlye sent to the States wee have signified owr plesure, requiring them to understand owr pleisure from yow as by the Copie of the said letters hearewith sent shall further appeare: and thowgh wee hope for the great benefitt of this service and the necessitye thearof neither the Counsell of Estate nor the States generall will make anie difficultye fol.85v
yet if they showld not readelie yeld heareunto, and geve yowe all dereccons necessary for Execucion hearof, wee wold that yowe use all good Argumentes of reasons to perswade them heareunto, as emongest others nowe maie seme [.] to purpose then to remember unto them that thes men maie be spared nowe in the dead time of the yeare, considering theare can be noe time to use them /abrode in the feld/ in anie Armie, but to permitt them to lie in garrisons: And if thes and such like reasons /as yow may use/ maie not prevaile Wee will that yowe shall peremptorelie declare unto them that wee doe not meane to be denied of soe reasonable a request as to have the service of owr owne men being in owr paie to serve /at such place/ wheare wee doe finde yt in owr wisedome and Princelie providence most necessary. And nevertheles to their better Contentacion /yow may d add that/ we shall be contented to retorne them or the like nomber for them into thes partes after this service Exploited at Roan and Newhaven: And bicawse wee meane not to have the Auxilearie townes disfurnished wee have ordered, as by a memoriall hearewith sent unto yowe shall appeare, howe wee thinke thes Bandes maie be had, wherein yowe shall /in our name/ require Sir Francis Veere, [s.] all /in respect of/ the companies that have usuallie been under /shall be taken from/ his charge, and Sir Thomas Morgan in Berghen, and if neade be Sir Robert Sidney for Flusshing to send theire aides and assistance with all dilligence to fol.186r
the accomplishing and full furnishing of thes nombers and /this present service/ that they may understand how soever yow shall fynd the states herin disposed, we will you that by e directions of Sir Francis vere Sir Robert Sydney sir Thomas Morgan out of whose chardges these nombres ar to be levyed, that this our Comandment be fully obeyed and all expedition used for the sendyng them away by sea, from flushyng to what place we have sent some shippyng, and wastage also by some of our own shippes for ther fare conduction to Depe

If Buzenvall have any Creditt ther for the french Kyng you may do well to procure hym, to deale with the states, to a lend the french Kyng at this tyme some of ther own bandes only for this service of Roan and also to reenforce ther shippes of warr that ar at Depe, to furder this enter into the Ryver of Seyne therby to impeach any succors from Newhaven to rohan and to intercept any rychess, that in lykhood will be secretly sent /and stollen/ out of Roan duryng the sege/.