Letter ID: 1080
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.223r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1080/008
Date: 04 October 1591
Copy of: 0344



Later Addition: 4 October To my L Treasurer

Later Addition: [Belgia 1591 October]

May it please your good L. upon deliberation had between the assembly of States & the Councel of State, it is resolved that for the better direction & countenance of all theyr actions at the Camp the Councel shall transport them selves thether, the rather upon the hope, that if this present exploit against Nieumegen shalbee both happely & speedely atchieved, they shall have time & opportunity, before the hard of the winter, to besiege some other place. This daie we departe from the Hage towardes Tiel, to reside either there or at Arnham, or in the camp it self, as when we come thether we shall finde most behoofull for the good of the contrey. There is Intelligence come hether that certaine cornetes of horse of the Quarters of Guelders, to the nomber of 7 as wee are informed ranging abroad in the country of Collen, to seek a bouty, have encountered certain ensignes of the Enemy about Kerpen which is neere to Collen, & have defeated to the nomber of 500 foote at the least, which were newly levied for the D. of Parma, & were appointed to make theyr rendevous at Kerpen. The losse of ours is 36 horse. Ther are come hether out of Italy 2 yong men who passing thorow Dauphine homewhard, arrived there at the same instant as the count Olivares was defeated by Monsieur D'Esdignieres, of which conflict I am parswaded the report is come unto you. Because the newes is good, & they were present at the service I have sent your L. heerwith such spetiall pointes, as being here examined by order of the Councel, they have confessed upon theyr knoledge. I am certainly advertised by some that have spoken with divers of Groningen, that the chiefest magistrates of the towne, who are altogether Spanishe, have attempted of late to erect a sconce, before one of the gates & weakest places of the Towne. Howbeit the Commons & confraries have opposed against them, & have proceeded so far in contention together, as the people tooke that lettre which I writ unto them a great while since, & reade yt publikly in theyr meeting, & parswasyons were used, by some affectionate to her Majesty, that they should take an other course, by rejecting the Spaniard & cleaving to her Majesty, But as it seemed they were not willing to joyne with these provinces in any kinde of union, without her Majesties protection. I am but newly & somwhat rawly informed heerof, by some that know yt to be trewe; but not with every circumstance. As I shall heerafter be furder advertised fol.223v

Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer October 4 1591

Later Addition: [Belgia. 1591. September]

and as occasyons are offered I will negotiate heerin for her Majesties service. I have sene from time to time most apparantly that both Count William & the states of Frise , were never well enclined, to have that towne reduced & associate to the rest by her Majesties autority, for those jalous conceites, that I have signified heertofore, Otherwise I make no dout, but yt might have bin accomplished. And though this present dissension should continew in the towne, their diffidence heer ys alwaies such, as I am sure I shal be combred, to know how to deale to make them take the benefit, of this passing good occasyon. Howsoever it be I make acchount, so that the place may be recovered by her Majesty or by them, or in any other sort, it is much as her Highnes will require for that matter. October 4 1591.