Letter ID: 0344
Reference: TNA, SP 83/43/72 f.72r-73v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0344/008
Date: 04 October 1591
Copies: 1080 



Addressed: To the right honorable my very singular good Lord, the L. Burghley Lord highe Treasurer of England.

Endorsed: 4 October 1591. Master Bodeleie to my L. The Counsell of States following the Campe. Defeate in Daulphine./ Groninghen./

Later Addition: 4 October 91


May it please your good L. Upon deli- beration had between the Assembly of the states, and the Councel of state it is resol- ved, that for the better direction and coun- tenance of all their actions at the Campe, the Councel shall transport themselves thither: the rather upon the hope that if this present exploit against Nieumeghen shall be both happely and speedely atchieved, they shall have time and opportunitie, before the harde of the winter, to besiege some other place. This day we depart from the Hage towardes Tiel, to reside ether there, or at Arnham, or in the campe it self, as when we come thither, we shall finde most behoofull for the good of the countrey. There is intelligence come hither, that certaine cor- nets of horse of the quarters of Guelders, to the nomber of seven, as we are informed, ranging abroad in the contrey of Collen, to seeke a boutie, have encountred certaine En- seignes of the Enemie, about Kerpen whiche is neere to Collen, and have defeated to the nomber of 500 foote at the lest, which were new- ly levied for the D. of Parma, and were appointed to make there Rendevous at Kerpen. The losse of ours is six and thirty horse. fol.72v
There are come hither from out of Italy two yonge men, who passing thorowe Daulphine homewarde, arrived there at the same instant, as the count Olivares was defeated by Monsieur d'Esdignieres; of which conflict I am persua- ded the report is come unto yow. Because the newes is good and they were present at the service, I have sent your L. heerewith suche special pointes, as being heere examined, by order of the Councel, they confesse upon their knowledge. I am certainly advertised by some, that have spoken with di- vers of Groeninghen, that the chiefest Ma- gistrats of the towne, who are Altogether Spanishe, have attempted of late to erect a sconce, before one of the gates, and wea- kest places of the towne. Howbeit the com- mons and confreries have opposed against them, and have proceeded so farre in con- tention together, as the people tooke that letter, whiche I writte unto them a great while sins and read it publickly in their meetinge: and persuasions were used by some affecti- onat to her Majestie that they should take an other course, by rejecting the Spaniard, and cleaving to her Majestie. But as it seemed they were not willing to joine with these Provinces in any kinde of union, without her Majesties protection. fol.73r
I am but newly and somwhat rawly in- formed heerof, by some that knowe it to be true, but not with every circumstance. As I shall heereafter be further advertised, and as occasions are offered, I will negotiat heerein for her Majesties service. I have seene from time to time most apparantly, that both Count William and the states of Frise, were never well enclined, to have that towne reduced and associat to the rest, by her Majesties autoritie, for those jalouse conceats that I have signified heeretofore. Otherwise I make no doubt, but it might have bin ac- complished. And though this present dis- sention should continewe in the towne, their diffidence heere is alwaies suche, as I am sure I shall be combred, to knowe howe to deale, to make them take the benefit, of those passing good occasion. Howsoever it be, I make account, so that the place may be reco- vered by her Majestie or by them, or in any other sort, it is as muche as her Hignes will re- quire for that mater. And thus I take my humble leave. From the Hage. October 4 1591. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley