Letter ID: 1078
Reference: BL, MS Cotton Galba D VIII f.219r-v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/1078/008
Date: 30 September 1591
Copy of: 0343



Endorsed: To my L. Tresurer September 30 1591


Later Addition: 1591 30 September To my L. Treasurer

Later Addition: Belgia: 1591: September


May it please your good L. There is nothing yet don by the Councel of state in the affaires of Ostend, for that the most of theyr colledge have bin absent ever since & employed in commissions. I writ as much unto the Governor as I certefyed your L. The requesting somewhat from him in answere to the pointes objected by the states. Howbeit he reputeth it needles. doing mee to wete, that by a later letter which he receaved from the states, they show, that the party which was sent from him unto them, hath satisfyed them in his behalf. What may be ment by that answere I leave to your L. to consyder, having sent heerinclosed the transcript of that lettre which was written from the States. Albeit I cannot wonder, if many shiftes be devised in a gainefull goverment, for the winning of some time, yet the time hath bin to long, & the dealing to offensive. Wherof her Majesty I feare wil finde the inconvenience. For when that opinion is thoroly rooted, which hath bin planted long agoe in the hartes of this people, that English gentlemen come hether to seek authority among them, not for any love that they beare unto theyr cause, but to pray upon the countrey disesteeming the people, & all the orders of theyr goverment, it will growe in continewance to so great a scandal, as when her Majesty would be served, we shall finde it very troublesome to parswade them in any thing, to put any confidence in our doinges. So that the Governor will promise to answer the countrey for all his receites: & conforme him self heerafter to the orders of the state I do not dout but at last they will rest contented. For I see they are bent to force him to account. & to tell your L. my conjecture in case he shall refus it, or come to short of his reconing I dout at length they will defalk it in discharge of those debtes which they owe unto her Majesty. And this I write in respect of my duty towardes her Highnes, as also moved in conscience, for that I see not any reason, nor coullor of any reason, that so manifest a wrong should be offred the country. Wherin notwithstan ding as in all my actions & endevors, I submit my self wholy to your L. correction. & so I take &c. September 30 1591.

Postscript: At the earnest entreaty of John Kighteley the postmaster for these countreys, I cannot refuse to beseeche your L. in his behalf for some favourable consyderacion for his paines & expenses in the carriage of my lettres, having had no allowance for any for the space of 14 monthes. I know no surer meanes for the addresse of my lettres then by him. But if your L. shall finde it an unnecessarye charge. if you please to appoint mee to any other in London. I will for heerafter alter my cowrse.