Letter ID: 0343
Reference: TNA, SP 84/43/60 f.60r-61v
Citation: DCB/001/HTML/0343/008
Date: 30 September 1591
Copies: 1078 



Addressed: To the right honorable my singular good Lord the L. Burghley, Lord highe Treasurer of England

Endorsed: 30 September 1591 Sir Thomas Sydley /Bodley/ with a copie of a lettre from the states to Sir Edward Norress

Later Addition: 30 September 91


May it please your good L. There is nothing yet done by the Councel of state in the affaires of Ostende, for that the most of their college have bin absent ever sins, and imploied in Commissions. I writte as muche unto the Governor, as I certified your L. requesting somwhat from him, in answear to the pointes objected by the states. Howbeit he repu- teth it needeles, doing me to witte, that by a later letter, which he receaved from the states they shewe that the party, which was sent from him unto them, hath satisfied them in his behalf. What may be meant by that answear, I leave to your L. to consider, having sent heere in- closed the transcript of that letter, which was written from the states. Albeit I can not wonder, if many shiftes be devised in a gaine- full government, for the winning of some time, yet the time hath bin too long, and the dealing too offensive: wherof her Majestie I feare, will finde the inconvenience. for when that opi- nion is thorowly rooted, which hath bin planted long agoe in the hartes of this people, that Englishe gentlemen come hither to seeke au- toritie among them, not for any love that they beare unto their cause, but to prey upon the contrey, disesteeming the people, and all the orders of their government, it will growe in continuance to so great a scandal, as when her Majestie would be served, we shall finde it very troublesome, to persuade them fol.60v
in any thing, to putte any confidence in our doinges. So that the Governor will promis to answear the contrey for all his receates, and conforme himself hereafter to the orders of the state, I doe not doubt but at last they will rest contented. For I see they are bent, to force him to account, and to tell your L. my conjecture, in case he shall re- fuse it, or come too short of his reckning, I doubt at length they will defalke it, in discharge of those debtes which they owe unto her Majestie. And this I write in respect of my duty towardes her Highnes as also mo- ved in conscience, for that I see not any rea- son, nor colour of any reason, that so mani- fest a wrong should be offered the contrey, wherein nothwithstanding, as in all my actions and endevors I submitte my self wholy to your L. correction. And so I take my humble leave. From the Hage September 30 1591. Your L. most humbly bounden Tho. Bodley

Postscript: At the earnest intreaty of John Kighley the postmaster for these contreis, I can not re- fuse to beseeche your L. in his behalf, for some favorable consideration for his paines and ex- penses in the cariadge of my letters, have[ing had no allowance for any for the space of 14 monethes. I knowe no surer meanes for the addresse of my letters then by him: but if your L. shall finde it an unnecessary charge, if yow please to appoint me to any other in London, I will for heerafter alter my course.